Hey y’all! My name is Olivia!

Here on the Brightest of the Bunch I love to share my favorite outfits as well as experiences I have had and tips and tricks I have learned!

The Brightest of the Bunch has given me many opportunities that I am very grateful for . For example, I have worked with the following brands: Victoria’s Secret, Prep Obsessed, Crescent Cotton, J.R. Crider’s, Jadelynn Brooke, Southern Girl Prep, Moscato and Monograms, The Pinkish Flamingo, and many more!

I am also a University Housing Journalism Ambassador at NC State University! So basically, I write blog posts about University-Related topics for them to advertise with! I also write blog posts for and have been featured as an “Interesting Freshman” in The Tab at NC State University!

For more information, follow me on these social media websites!:

Instagram: @brightestofthebunch

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YouTube: Olivia Noles

Pinterest: oliviasarahn28

Email: thebrightestofthebunch@gmail.com for business inquires!

Why I am a Blogger (my favorite blog post!):

For as far back as I can remember, I have loved clothing. When I would play with my Barbie Dolls or American Girl Dolls, all I would do was dress them in outfits, set the scene, and then take it apart and set a new scene. I would literally just changed their outfits all day long.
Every beach trip I would look forward to the shopping day. That’s right, shopping was always more exciting than the beach or pool, and still is! I would watch America’s Next Top model just to see all the high fashion items and loved the Hannah Montana scenes of Miley in the Hannah closet and especially the episode where Lilly tries to get Miley’s Dad to buy Miley the purse instead of the cat sweater from the boutique for Miley’s birthday (anyone else remember that???).

Every time I got new clothes I would try them on and have a fashion show and take pictures in them! I was blogging before I even knew it was a thing!

When I was younger, I always kept a journal and documented nearly everything that happened in my life- and I did this for about 5 years! Very similar to a Week in my Life or Monthly Roundup Blog post! I even remember when I was in probably the 5th grade I would lock myself in the bathroom and pretend I was doing what would be similar to a “Get Ready with Me” youtube video! I would act like I was talking to the mirror and show me combing my hair and share all my hair pins. I remember imagining taking people through my life like a tv show- or Vlog! I even did sit down videos with my camera and acted like I was on a news show!

When I discovered Pinterest in the 9th grade it became my new obsession (click the Pinterest symbol at the bottom of the page to follow me). I pinned all day every day. I was absolutely amazed at all the outfits and the ability to search up any outfit you wanted. I even took my own pictures that I uploaded to Pinterest for a while!

On Instagram I always followed the tumblr fashion accounts and a few bloggers before I realized what fashion bloggers were. I even had an account for s very short period of time in 9th grade where I reposted other people’s photos, with credit of course, like those tumblr fashion Instagram pages did!
The summer before junior year I bought a Lilly agenda and matching notebook and snapped a really cute shot of them together! I had been following the preppy accounts on Instagram for a while and I think at this point I had even created my own username, classicprep98, at that point. I remember that I was tired of following the fashion account on my personal Instagram because I missed all of my friends posts and only saw the fashion, which I believe was my reasoning for making a new account. Anyways, I loved the photo I took of my Lilly school gear and decided to post it! This was about August, and I remember I did not post again until about November, which is when I really started using my Instagram page.

I say I really started using it in November 2015, but my Instagram was not made with photos I loved and I was not fully committed to the account until I started my senior year.

Whenever I started my Instagram, I was really into YouTubers and never really read any bloggers. Honestly, to this day I still do not read many. Anyways, I thought that I would start my Instagram with the intention of eventually only having a YouTube channel- I never thought I would want to write a blog.
I started the blog in November of 2016. I remember that I really wanted to be able to start working with brands and I thought that I had to have a blog or YouTube to do that, and I do not have a camera to really film with so I went with the blog! I also knew that having a blog would make my Instagram more professional and all the other successful account I followed had a blog, so I went with it!

After I started blogging, I realized that I loved it. There were times on Instagram (@brightestofthebunch), like during the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, that I literally had wrote a blog post in the caption. (Seriously, this blog post was a caption: )

I soon realized that blogging gave me the opportunity to share my love of fashion with others in a way I never could before. Now, I know that I am a blogger because it gives me a voice in fashion. It allows me to share my opinions, ideas, and styling tips with people across the world. The clothing people wear should make them feel beautiful and confident about themselves, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. People come to me all the time with questions about how they should style a piece or which item they should buy because they are uncertain or do not feel like they “can wear” something. It makes me so happy to know that I am able to help others feel confident in their clothes and inspire others to try a trend they have been wanting to try or wear something they were scared to wear before. To me, what you wear is a way of showing who you are, and I love that I am able to inspire other to show their true selves. Best of all, I am able to share my love for clothing in a way that could eventually turn into a stable job.

I have started my YouTube channel so that I am able to reach even more of an audience! Please check out the two videos I have posted so far: Travel Vlog: Florida Keys & HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL CLOTHING HAUL , and like, comment, and subscribe!

The doors that my blog has opened for me are endless and I am forever thankful that I made the decision to start The Brightest of the Bunch.