Finding my Style: How Social Media has Changed my Style

I recently looked at my closet and realized I hated most of the items in it. I am just tired of everything I own and am ready for a wardrobe change. Because of  this, I am selling tons of my clothes on Poshmark! My username is classic_prep98 (who remembers this being my Instagram handle), and you can see all the items as well as my thought process and tips and tricks for cleaning out your closet here:

Recently I have been playing around with my style a lot through the blog, YouTube, and Social Media. For more than a year my Instagram feed consisted mainly of Lilly Pulitzer and I absolutely loved it. Now whenever I mostly only post Lilly, I find myself getting bored with my theme. The thing I love about Lilly is that it looks amazing on its own, but that is also what makes it so boring to me. Lilly is not a brand that I feel like you can style your own way and make it your own because it is so classic and such a statement piece on its own that it does not need any other styling. And it is not only Lilly- I am just over the classic chino short collard shirt look. I used to love these classic and put together looks, but now I am wanting to find ways to make my outfits my own and style fun and casual looks like the bloggers I look up to do.

IMG_4705 2

If I was not a blogger and was not posting my everyday looks online, I probably would not be questioning my style as much as I am today. The overall truth about my closet is that I am bored with it. What gets me so caught up with defining what my style is is my Instagram feed. Growing a fashion blog through Instagram is a hard task these days. Instagram has a new algorithm that makes it so users only see the accounts whose photos they like the most frequently, making every Instagram like that more important. The content your posting, quality of the photo, time you are posting it, are all important factors that now have to be taken into consideration. Everyone talks about theme and the importance of having one on Instagram- and that is what originally got me so caught up with my style. I feel like I can either have a Lilly Pulitzer/Preppy theme or a more casual outfit theme. I am wanting to go in a more casual, every day outfit theme- but I know a lot of my followers are looking for the preppy style.

I am ready for a change. I want to be absolutely in love with every outfit I wear- and recently I have found that I am loving more chic and boho but still girly outfits more than I am the classic outfits. You can still expect to see brands like Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew and classic items like my L.L. Bean Boots and Jack Rogers on my platforms, but you can also expect my style to change over the next few months. If you want to see how my style is changing, check out these posts Shop with Me: Alexander Brooke BoutiqueWhat’s in my Shopping Bag, and Updated Spring Wish List and follow me on Instagram for more!



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