New Kendra Scott Collection Favorites

This season Kendra Scott came out with a brand new line of unique jewelry unlike their traditional items. A lot of people were very excited about it, but I’m not gonna lie- I did not like it at first.

It took some time, but it has finally grown on me! At first I thought the unset stones looked a little too beachy and unfinished for my style, but now I love the uniqueness of them! My favorites of this style are below- the Aragon Statement Earrings, Diane Statement Earrings, and the Inez Long Pendant Necklace, all pink of course.

Another new style they came out with was their stoneless dainty Fern Pendant necklaces. At first I was not fond of these items because the main feature for Kendra Scott is the gorgeous stones. After I saw one of these necklaces in person, I quickly changed my mind. Although it is plain and simple- that’s what makes it so perfect. My favorite one is the rose gold one pictured below!

I normally do not love cuffs, but when I saw @styledinvirginia post the Vada Pinch Bracelet on Instagram I fell in love with it!

Kendra Scott also brought back their opal stones and I am absolutely obsessed with them! I have the pink/coral opal Jayde necklace from a previous season and I love it. I had always wanted one of Kendra’s opal pieces and at one point in time they were extremely rare and being resold for much higher prices so I am glad to see them bring this collection back!

If y’all read my Spring Wishlist, then you know that I have been wanting a Kendra Scott ring for a while. My favorite one that they have right now is the Elise Ring in Rose Gold/Iridescent Drusy!IMG_3086 2

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