What’s in my Shopping Bag

With spring coming up there are so many different pieces I have my eye on. If you are like me, then you have several tabs open on your internet browser with you favorite items from every store sitting in your shopping cart. Today I am going to be sharing what is in my shopping cart at all the stores currently pulled up in my browser!

The first thing I am definitely ordering in the near future is this lace up tank that is only $9! There is a VERY similar one at Nordstrom for around $60 that has been so popular on Instagram recently so I was so excited to find this dupe!


I am also excited to order this super fun ruffle dress that I was talking about in my Updated Spring Wish List post.


This outfit is very similar to one that I fell in love with at a local boutique. I will not have the chance to visit the boutique for another week and the outfit will sadly have probably sold out by then so if that ends up being the case, this is my second choice.


I actually just pressed order on this item because it is currently 40% off with code WEEKEND

I am so excited about this sweater because it is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring!


This top is yet another that I take about in my Updated Spring Wish List and has been very popular on Instagram. I really do want this top, but I am waiting for it to go on sale to pull the trigger.


This top is the main thing I am wanting to order because it is a great dupe for an Urban Outfitters top and it is nearly $20 cheaper!


I also really like these rose gold sandals, but they are in my “save for later” cart for now because I do have two pairs of espadrille wedges already.


I also really like this top but am a little uncertain on what I would wear under it, so it is also in my “save for later” cart for now.


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