How I Take & Get Inspiration for Instagram Photos


As many of y’all know if you watch my Instagram stories, I take most of my blog and Instagram photos all by myself! It is a little hard to explain the set up I use, so you can check that out here:


One of the most important components of photography is lighting. With iPhone photography specifically, the lighting is extremely important. I have found, through endless trial and error, the BEST lighting for iPhone photography: in the shadows.

Right Lighting

Specifically, in the shadows while facing the sun. See how there are no weird glares or unbalanced lighting? Perfect!


Wrong Lighting

See how you have to be specifically facing the sun? Even if you are in the shadow, if you’re facing away from the sun and the camera is facing the sun, the camera focuses on the sun and makes your face dark.


Facing the sun isn’t so bad, but then we have a squinting and brightness problem. It is not too bad, but not the best.


When you are in the sun but facing away from it, the camera once again, on the sun and makes.


iPhone Camera Tips

My other camera tips when it comes to shooting with your phone is to ALWAYS use the back camera because it is better quality than the “selfie” camera.

Back Camera


Selfie Camera


See the difference?


To be honest, most of my photo inspiration comes from Pinterest photos and other bloggers I follow! Pinterest is always a great option but I also love using Instagram for photo inspiration now because of the “saved” feature found below! Basically, you can press the flag button on the right corner below a photo on your feed and save it to the section circled below!


You can also make different collections to save the photos to like I’ve done below!



I’ve been trying to keep up a light pink/blue theme with bright backgrounds (hopefully y’all Insta followers can tell) so here I have saved a “Theme Inspiration” board to use when I need inspiration for my next photo! Clearly, a lot of my inspiration lately is coming from @missouriprepster !


For basic photo inspiration, I have a saved section called “Photo Ideas.” I think we are all sick and tired of those basic full body outfit pics- and I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it is hard to come up with unique angles and photo ideas that’s why I created this board! Scroll to see all the photos that have been inspiring me lately!




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