Updated Spring Wish List


I posted a Spring Wishlist a few weeks ago, but naturally, my list has grown.

  1. Free People Top: Yet another top that is nearly insta-famous and perfect for spring!
  2. Lilly Pulitzer Scarf: These two Lilly scarves are on my wish list because I’ve seen them posted on Instagram so much recently that they have stolen my heart.
  3. Blue Wrap Dress: Recently I’ve been obsessed with the Demi Lovato documentary (seriously the BEST!) and all things Demi and in the documentary she wears a blue wrap dress that is absolutely gorgeous and makes me really want a similar one. I found this one at Shein and the best part is it is only $13!
  4. Lilly Pulitzer Tassel Top: There was a similar top in the most recent APS and it had pink tassels instead of blue. I would really prefer the pink tassels since I’ve been loving light pink for spring, but I do not know if I will be able to find that one now.
  5. Lace Up Shoes: There is never a wish list that does not involve shoes. I have some shows that partially lace up, but I really want some that go up higher on my leg. I have so many outfit ideas for theses shoes, but I have not found the perfect ones to purchase yet.
  6. Lace Up Tank: This is another insta-famous top, but I want the dupe for it. The “real” one is around $60 at Nordstrom but this one from Shein is identical and only $14!
  7. Open Side Booties: I was uncertain about these Target booties at first but they have really grown on me! They’re perfect for transitioning to warmer weather and would look great with the Free People top above!
  8. Light Pink Lilly Sweater: If you saw my last Spring Wishlist, then you know I’ve been obsessed with light pink for spring. This sweater was on my last wish list and I am still in love with both of these.

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