Reflecting on 2017 + New Years Resolutions

Reflecting on 2017:

As 2017 is coming to an end, I am realizing how life changing this year was.

The trending thing on twitter these days seems to be to hate on 2017. Everyone talks about how they thought this year was going to be the year of their life and how much the year disappointed them. 2017, you may have disappointed everyone else, but you may have been my year.

I entered 2017 having just set up The Brightest of the Bunch. If you had told me the opportunities the blog would bring me last January, I never in a million years would have believed you; but I will get into that a little later. When I first started the blog, I was absolutely terrified to tell anyone about it. I waited until it was something I knew I could be proud if to share with those in my world.

In May I went to my Senior Prom and this being my last year of high school began to set in. My three year anniversary with Doug was also May of 2017. It is crazy to look back and realize we started dating in 2014- but then again, I feel like he has been in my life for so much longer than 3 years and 7 months (to be exact).


In June I graduated from high school, in July I went on the most amazing trip to Islamorada with Doug and his family and vlogged it (started my YouTube channel!!), and in August I moved away from my hometown for the first time in my life to attend my number one school- NC State University. I was excited because of all the opportunities ahead- my Journalism Ambassador position with the Marketing Team of University Housing, studying a fashion-based major, join gin clubs related to my passion; but I was nervous to be surrounded by strangers.


September rolled around an I had officially spent a month away from home. Transitioning was not too bad for me and I plan to do a blog post all about my first semester- probably later this week! Anyways, I experienced a little heartbreak my first week of September when Sorority Recruitment did not go exactly as planned- read about it here: Rush Day One!, Rush Day Two!, Rush Day Three!Rush Day Four!- Why I Dropped Out of Recruitment. But other than that, September was an amazing month filled with football games and ended with my 19th birthday! Know what else also happened this month?! I finally got glasses! Read the full September recap here: September Recap


As fall and winter rolled around, I began to accomplish goals I had set with the blog, and this post is a great one to read to see just how unexpected these accomplishments were: Future Goals & Looking Back on what I have Accomplished! Some of my favorite blogging moments this year were being given the opportunity to be a College Rep for Jadelynn Brooke, working with Saks Off 5th, and being approved for the Like to Know It shapable Instagram posts affiliate program. It is also insane to me that I have posted 65 videos with over 27,000 views on my YouTube channel and have written 128 blog posts with 40,000 views.

This year was also the best so far for my Instagram account! Here is a recap of my best nine!

IMG_9151 2

Overall, 2017 was definitely one of the best years Doug and I have spent together. Maybe it is because this was the first year we kissed in the New Year and according to superstition, kissing in the New Year strengthens bonds and sets a good tone for the couple for the rest of the year.


My Thoughts on New Years Resolutions:

The new year rolls around and everyone thinks, “new year, new me!” It seems that around this time of year, everyone focuses on everything that went wrong and all the mistakes they made in the past year. We set resolutions in attempt to fix our “flaws” from the previous year, but almost never follow through with them. I’ve never been one to set so called “resolutions,” but this year I have decided to set some goals. I am choosing to set goals rather than resolutions because I want to focus on improving myself and my blog rather than looking at imperfections and treating them as problems instead of learning opportunities. For example, I could say that this year I am going to stick to a blogging/youtube schedule and never miss a beat- no matter the circumstances. Instead, my goal is to find a realistic blogging schedule I can stick to throughout college. Find realistic improvements; don’t expect too much from yourself.

A goal of mine for years had been to start a YouTube channel, and I finally did that this year. This year I am ending with almost 400 subscribers and for 2018, my goal is to reach 5,000 subscribers. I know this is dreaming big. I also know that setting blogging goals based on numbers and stats is frowned upon and can lead to a devastating reality when the time frame has run out and the goal is not reached; but no matter how many bloggers want to preach “quality over quantity,” there is no denying that growth is important for any blog or business to become successful. With that said, I am currently at 6,800 Instagram followers and hope to reach at least 10,000 during 2018. 10k is my goal because it is the point in which you can have the swipe up feature on your Instagram stories, but if we are dreaming big, 15k would be outstanding.

An overall goal of mine is to meet the revenue threshold on YouTube, Shopstyle Collective, and/or Reward Style so I can receive my first blogging check and start my path to making blogging a full time career.


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