New Years Outfits: 1 Dress Styled 4 Ways

New Years Eve is just around the corner and if you are like me, you are just now scrambling around for outfit inspiration. When I think of New Years Eve I think of sparkle, leather, velvet, and sequins- all things that I normally would not wear on a day to day basis. Because of this, I prefer to find cheap ways to style these trends so I do not waste money on an outfit I will only wear once. When most people think of cheap and trendy items they think of stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I hardly ever hear anyone mention the go to shop of our middle school days: Rue 21. I will admit, I have some cringe worthy memories of outfits from Rue 21- and I do not shop there very frequently. However, Rue 21 is one of the only stores we have in my small town and can be great for trendy items- but you have to search for them. Today I found this velvet wrap dress at Rue 21 for only $7! As simple and main stream as this dress may look, there are actually several different ways you can layer and style it!

In this first look I have taken a very trendy layering style and have added a bell sleeve mock neck underneath. I have also added this trendy hat and a simple pair of black wedge booties, but I would definitely also style this with over the knee boots! This outfit is probably my favorite way to style this dress and my favorite part about it is that it is out of my comfort zone!

This last way is the most dressy way to wear it and that is just alone on its own with a pair of heels!


The next way of styling it is another that has been super popular on Instagram this year. I have just added this ruffle sleeve sweater from BP over it to make the dress look more like a skirt! Here I have also styled it with my knee high Afton boots from Target!


This next look is also more casual but shows off the front of the dress as well. Here I have just added my JCrew Field Jacket, but you could all add a fur jacket and heels to make it a little more dressed up or even a leather jacket!


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