Holiday Look Book

The Holiday season is finally here! I don’t know about y’all, but holiday outfits are some of my favorite outfits! Today I am going to be sharing 4.5 different holiday looks, but if you are looking for more, check out my Vlogmas! I am wearing a subtly holiday themed outfit every day! And while you are there, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you do not miss a day and because I am planning to post another holiday look book video over there!

In this first look I am styling this Shein top that you may have seen in my Shein review video! This top is perfect for the holiday season and makes me feel like a wrapped up present! I have styled it with L.L. Bean boots, red bow earrings, Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans, and my Kendra Scott Necklace (of course!).


IMG_1656 2

This look is one of my favorites and what I will probably end up wearing on Christmas eve. This cape is from a boutique and I am pretty sure it is out of stock, unfortunately- but I have linked a very pretty one here! My boots are from Target, under $45, and are amazing dupes for the Sam Edelman boots! Under the cape I am wearing a JCrew paper bag skirt and a navy and white striped turtle neck from H&M. Whever I was younger, mu mom made me layer tops with turtlenecks during the winter and I hated it. I never thought that I would ever willing wear turtle necks, but a few years ago I surprised myself and bought a ton. Now I loved layering them with vests and other items like this cape because although they are not very revealing, they tend to fit a little tighter and look flattering!


IMG_1738 2



In this outfit In am playing around with one of my favorite things- mixing prints! This buffalo plaid skirt is from H&M last year, vest is from JCrew from a few years ago,my boots are from belk, and the main item in this outfit, my sweater, is from Hollister a few years ago! I could not find any of these specific items, but I did link similar ones! I actually forgot I had this sweater! When preparing for Voagmas this year, I really wanted something that had Merry and Bright in it, since this is The Brightest of the Bunch. I looked at several online and then I remembered I had a Merry and Bright sweater that I bought wayyyy before The Brightest of the Bunch existed!



I truly  believe that some of the best photos are taken when you least expect them, which is why I want my photographers to continuously snap shots until I tell them to stop. Most of the time, my mom and I or my grandmother will help me take photos, just on our phones, I have a specific angle that I want the photo to be from to get the lighting just right, etc. Right before this photo, I had my mom stand here so I could take her photo to show the angle I want her to capture. When she posed, she threw her leg out like this, which cracked me up. When we switched places I began to mock her, and she snapped this shot. It ended up being one of my favorites.

IMG_1779 2

This last outfit is probably my favorite out of this blog post. Ever since I created it, I have wanted to wear it literally every single day. I have had this fur vest for a few years, but they are very trendy this year and I have had a easier time styling it this year. I may do a How to Style Fur Vests on my YouTube channel soon, so subscribe to get notified about that!

HereI have styled the fur vest with the boots and jeans I mentioned earlier, a Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Sweater, and this fur hat that you also may have seen in my Shein review! I cannot decided why this outfit is my favorite- the fur vest, the boots, the hat– all favorites of mine! This look is perfect for holiday outings or any winter day!




This scarf is an item that I have been absolutely loving lately and the perfect piece to add to the outfit on colder nights!


IMG_1817 2


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