50 Gifts Under $50

Hey y’all! Today I am sharing 50 gifts under 50, which was another one of my first blog posts last year! They are categorized by brand with my favorite deal saved for last! Hope you enjoy and that this makes your shopping easier!IMG_5370

  1. Bauble Bar Tassel Earring Set
  2. Pink Velvet Clutch
  3. Selfie Camera Lends ~this is honestly so cool~
  4. Succulent Van, Floral Pot, Owl~All Under $15!~
  5. Confetti Glitter Pillow
  6. Marble Computer Case 
  7. Vineyard Vines Hat
  8. Kavu
  9. House of Harlow Earrings Brown ~LOVE and UNDER $10! ~ Marble ~my personal favorite~
  10. House of Harlow Necklace ~LOVE LOVE LOVE! Have wanted one of these for years and currently under $30!
  11. Swell BottleIMG_5376
  12. Monogram Duck Boots use code OLIVIA98 for 20% off
  13. Monogram Sherpa Pullover ~one of the things on my wishlist! See it all here: Christmas Wishlist Ideas~ use code OLIVIA98 fro 20% off
  14. Monogram Pajama Set ~ADORABLE~ use code OLIVIA98 for 20% off
  15. Blonde/Brunette Sweatshirt ~I don’t know exactly why but I love these!! They remind me of the Show Me Your MuMu Tees!~ use code OLIVIA98 for 20% off
  16. Monogram Leggings use code OLIVIA98 for 20% off
  17. Monogram Rain Coat use code OLIVIA98 for 20% off
  18. Monogram Blanket Scarf use code OLIVIA98 for 20% off
  19. Jack Rogers Rain Boots(red)  Jack Rogers Rain Boots (black) ~SALE SALE SALE~
  20. Classic style, but soft footed Jack Rogers ~My mom has some with this type of sole and she loves them! So much more comfortable than classic Jacks!~
  21. Jack Rogers Rubber Georgicas IMG_5375
  22. Southern Girl Prep Hat use code brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off
  23. Southern Girl Prep Canvas Bag  use code brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off
  24. Southern Girl Prep Scarf  use code brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off
  25. Southern Girl Prep Apparel use code brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off
  26. Jadelynn Brooke Stadium Purse use code ONNCSU for 15% off
  27. Jadelynn Brooke Tees use code ONNCSU for 15% offIMG_5374
  28. Kate Spade Umbrella
  29. Kate Spade Card Holder
  30. Kate Spade Lunch Tote
  31. Kate Spade Roller Ball Perfume
  32. Kate Spade Nutcracker OrnamentIMG_5373
  33. Lilly Pulitzer Wristlet
  34. Lilly Pulitzer Drink Accessories: Cocktail Shaker & Ice Bucket
  35. Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case
  36. Lilly Pulitzer Makeup Bag
  37. Lilly Pulitzer ID Wallet
  38. Lilly Pulitzer Ring Holder Dish
  39. Lilly Pulitzer Tech Sleeve
  40. Lilly Pulitzer Hat
  41. Lilly Pulitzer Pajama Shorts
  42. Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Shorts
  43. Lilly Pulitzer Pillow: Mermaid, Flamingo, Large ~I have all of these for my dorm room and love them!~IMG_5371
  44. Kendra Scott 1 ~All of this Kendra is AMAZING deals!!!~
  45. Kendra Scott 2
  46. Kendra Scott 3
  47. Kendra Scott 4
  48. Kendra Scott 5
  49. Kendra Scott 6
  50. Kendra Scott 7 ~saved my FAVORITE for last!~


*some of these links are affiliated*


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