Holiday Season Bucket List//What I plan to do during Vlogmas!

If you are not a regular YouTube watcher, than you may have never heard of Vlogmas before. Basically, Vlogmas is where I carry the camera along with me every day in December and post the Day in my Life on a daily basis! This year I will be doing Vlogmas and have many plans for what fun holiday content I want to share with you on YouTube as well as on the blog! If you have any holiday themed content suggestions, comment down below or message me on Instagram (@brightestofthebunch)! Make sure that you have subscribed to my YouTube channel and turned on the notification bell so you can follow me along every day of Vlogmas!

What I plan to feature on Vlogmas:

-Decorating my dorm for Christmas

-Picking out our Christmas Tree

-Decorating out our Christmas Tree

-Decorating my Christmas Tree

-Favorite ornaments on my Christmas Tree

-Daily Beauty Advent Calendars

-Daily Christmas Themed Outfits

-Try a New Starbucks Holiday Drink Every Day

-Going to see Christmas Lights

-Making a Gingerbread House

-Go Sledding/Ice Skating

-Make Holiday Chex Mix

-Watch Christmas Movies

Some other content I have coming to the Blog/YouTube this season:

-25 under $25 Gift Guide

-50 under $50 Gift Guide

-Holiday Look Book

-Wish List Ideas

-What I got for Christmas



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