The Day my Universe Changed Forever: Every Moment has a Moon

a moon glow

When moonglow contacted me about receiving one of their products, I was beyond excited to work with them. What I love most about this company is that their main mission is to capture and cherish your most precious dates in a piece of jewelry you can always have close to you. Let me explain: you tell them a special date, they find the moon phase of that date and put it on whatever jewelry item you choose.




I chose the moonstock bangle bracelet because I can easily stack it with all my other arm candy and it is one of their more subtle pieces, which I prefer.

a moonglow insta

When it came to choosing the date, I really wanted to pick a day that was special to me. Many people will choose to do their birthday, but I wanted to do something different. My first instinct was to pick May 26, 2014, the day my boyfriend and I officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. I asked him what date in our relationship was the most important in his opinion, and May 26, 2014 was what he chose. I was tempted to choose this date, but it did not feel right. Sure, it was the day we went “official.” But it was not the day that my world was forever changed.

My whole life changed on the night of May 2, 2014.

a moon

I met my boyfriend, Doug, in the early months of 2014 at a basketball game. We talked for a little while and I remember feeling like I could trust him despite having just met, but that was all that came of the night. In late April, he asked me on a date to the movies. He will endlessly argue with me about this, but I could not go because I had to go to my best friend’s soccer game, which I clearly told him. He would argue that I said no and turned away, and maybe he is right because I know I was nervous and shocked. Regardless, I wanted to say “yes” and the fact that he just asked me out on a date without ever really talking before left a lasting impression on me.

a moon patagoniaOn Friday, May 2, 2014, my friends and I were going to a music event called TGIF downtown. I vividly remember wishing on one of my eyelashes that Doug would be there. My wish was a complete shot in the dark because Doug never went to those kinds of things. Despite the odds, but my wish came true. And we have been together ever since.

This night seemed like a better date to choose for my moon phase not only because it is the night that my universe was forever altered, but because I feel like the universe was perfectly aligned for us to meet again on this night.

Check out to order your own moon phase jewelry!

a moongloww

*This blog post is sponsored by moonglow jewelry*


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