Top 10 Fall Essentials

Bean boots, flannels, vests; what more could you want!?

Fall is by far one of my favorite season to dress for! In the colder months, I find myself continuously going for pretty much the same staple pieces I do every year. Today, I am sharing my top ten fall essentials and they are each linked in their title!

  1. L. L. Bean Boots

    L.L. Bean boots are BY FAR the most essential fall item in my wardrobe. I could honestly go on and on about them forever. They are amazing quality, super comfortable, and match nearly every fall outfit! Unfortunately, they can be hard to get a hold of in the colder months because they are in such high demand. You may have to search for your size and take the risk of ordering without trying them on first, but I guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose. L.L. Bean has a Lifetime Warranty on these boots. That’s right: you break them, they repair them. For FREE. Bought bean boots but discovered they are not your style? RESELL THEM. Remember? I mentioned they are in extremely high demand? Take advantage of it.

    a bean boot.JPG

  2. Vests

    Vest are the perfect outerwear if you live in an area that does not get too cold in the fall and winter. I personally love vests and prefer them over nearly any other type of outerwear because they are so easy to style and create outfits with. Jackets tend to cover and hide your outfits, but vests just add to the look! My favorite ones are from J.Crew, Patagonia, and Southern Girl Prep! If you order from Southern Girl Prep, use my code brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off!


  3. Flannels

    Flannels absolutely scream fall and are perfect to style with your vests and L.L. Bean boots! Once again, most of my flannels are from J.Crew. The red flannel I styled in this video is one of my favorites because it is superrr thick and perfect for layering! It is also unique because it has a zipper instead of buttons!


  4. J.Crew Field Jacket

    If I am going to wear a jacket in the fall, it is going to be this one. Clearly, J.Crew is my favorite store for the fall and winter. This JCrew jacket is a staple that every one should have in their closet. Although JCrew seems like a solely “preppy” brand, this item is a piece that could work for many different styles.


  5. Camp Socks

    Camp socks are perfect to pair with bean boots! Having that slight detail peeking out the top of your boots can add so much to an outfit!

    a bean boot

  6. Riding Boots

    Although booties are currently more on trend, riding boots are a staple that everyone needs. A good pair of brown riding boots will literally match almost every fall outfit!

  7. Pull Overs

    In the fall and winter, pull overs are my go to lazy day outfits! My favorite ones are Shep Shirts from Vineyard Vines, Popovers from Lilly Pulitzer, and Moscato and Monograms pullovers- use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off!


  8. Blanket Scarves

    I love blanket scarves for the same reasons I love vests- they keep you warm while adding to your outfit rather than taking away from it!

    AA profile

  9. Leggings

    Every girl knows it- leggings are a must. In my fall essentials video that you can watch here, I elaborate on exactly which leggings are my favorite.

  10. Hunter Boots

    Hunter Boots are another classic item that every girl needs in her closet. They are amazing quality that will last for years to come! Pro tip that I mentioned in this post: Prep for Less!, buy kids Hunters if you wear a size seven or smaller!


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