Prep for Less!

1. Do not be afraid to shop second hand:

I know some people are afraid to shop at Goodwill because they think that all they will find is old dirty clothes that no one wants. Sometimes that is the case, but sometimes, you can find some amazing pieces for even better prices. The thing about Goodwill is, no matter what brand the item is, it is the same cost as every other item on its rack. For example, a Walmart top costs $3, and so would a Lilly Pulitzer top. I have found SEVERAL different Lilly Pulitzer items at my local goos will and I am sharing them all in this YouTube Video!

Consignment shops are another resale option that I recommend you try! Some consignment shops will out higher prices on brands like Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer, but these prices are still well, and I mean WELL, below retail price. See what I have found at consignment shops in this video!

Another resale option is websites like Poshmark and eBay! These items will probably be more expensive then the other resale options listed below, but that is because the items are sold by their owners and the owners get to decide how much the piece is worth. One good thing is that both of these sites allow the option for you to make an offer if you are not satisfied with the price the item is listed for!

Poshmark is my personal favorite because I know I am safe shopping through them because they have refunded me for times when I was accidentally sent the wrong item or if my item never shipped! I am also just more comfortable with Poshmark because I have shopped with them so many times! If you don’t already have a Poshmark, sign up with code JBNIL for a small amount of credit! Shop my closet, @classic_prep98

I also recommend checking out eBay! I have had great experiences with them as well. I will be honest, I do not know how to and have not had to handle any situations where I did not receive the right item from them, so I do not know how they are about returning your money and making sure you receive the right item, which is why I recommend Poshmark over eBay.

2. Always look out for sales

The After Party Sale is a great opportunity to find Lilly Pulitzer for cheap, but I have found that signature stores/belk’s that carry Lilly can have even better sales!

Lilly Pulitzer will often have gift with purchase opportunities that I alsoOn Cyber  recommend you take advantage of! On Cyber Monday Lilly Pulitzer does this deal where the have a different free gift with purchase every hour. This past year I was lucky enough to be on their site when a scarf was the free gift! I just bought a tumbler and received a for FREE!

Other “preppy” stores like J.Crew and Vineyard Vines will have sales occasionally, but I have some even better tips on how to save at these stores below!

3. Use discount codes

Check out any blogger and you are bound to find a brand/store they have a discount code for! Here are all mine just incase you are in the mood to shop!

Lily and Laura: OliviaL+L for 20% off

Southern Girl Prep: brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off

Jadelynn Brooke: ONNCSU for 15% off

J.R. Crider’s: OLIVIAN10 for 10% off

Time Glam Boutique: OLIVIA10 for 10% off

Moscato and Monograms: OLIVIA98 for 20% off

4. Check TJ Maxx/Marshalls

Ya’ll would not believe the amazing deals I have found at TJ Maxx. Not only is everything there adorable and affordable, but they sometimes have brands such as Kate Spade and even Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines! In my video, I will share the Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines items I have found at these stores and their price!

5. Wear kids clothes

If you’re a size 00/0 in Lilly Pulitzer (maybe even a 2/4) you can wear their leggings- and maybe even more! Ever since I got my first pair I’ve been hooked! They’re only $34 while the adults are $100😱 I can also wear some kids dresses and the kids popovers!

When I say check out kids clothing, I do not mean only Lilly Pulitzer kids clothing. I have kids converse, Hunter boots, and even some items from Forever 21! If you think you might be able to fit it, try it!

KIDS SIZE 5 = WOMENS 7 for Hunter boots!

KIDS SIZE 3 = WOMENS SIZE 6 for Converse!

6. Shop the outlet stores

Vineyard vines has an Outlet and JCrew has their outlet JCrew factory! Both of these stores have products for much, much cheaper and the quality is still good! Ooo! And Kate Spade also has an outlet store!

Please comment any great deals you’ve found! I’d love to hear them!


4 thoughts on “Prep for Less!

  1. Goodwill honestly deserves better credit! They do sometimes get proud of their prices, but you can find really cool things for super cheap. I think the best deal I’ve found at one would be a Lilly dress for under $3, but I’m not quite sure if that was the exact price! 🙂


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