OOTD: October 16, 2017

Today’s OOTD is full of SGP! Today is the first day that it has realistically been cold enough to break out the L.L. Bean Boots and fleece vests here in North Carolina, even though I brought them out about a week ago. And let me tell you, I am so beyond excited to be able to wear bean boots and vests all day instead of having them on in the morning and having to change into shorts by 1:00.

Today I am wearing one of my basic fall outfits. As you all probably know by now, my Bean Boots are my number one essential for fall. Speaking of fall essentials, I am going to be sharing ALL my fall essentials soon!

My vest, tee, socks, and bracelet are all from Southern Girl Prep, and you can used my code brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off any order!

Let’s just take a moment and look at how perfect those bow socks are peaking out of my bean boots!

A full body

My favorite Southern Girl Prep item I own is BY FAR this vest. I was so excited that I received this in my rep package, which you can watch me unbox here.

Anyways, I love this vest because it is gray- a color I have never had in a vest before. Usually, I purchase the J.Crew Puffer Vests, and they do not come in gray. I also love this vest because it is a fleece vest and lighter weight than puffer vests, making it perfect for the early fall weather we are experiencing now! My absolute favorite part about this vest is the pink embroidery! They have embroidered their pink dog logo on the front and their “Southern Girl Prep” logo on the back! How adorable!


a vest


I forgot to take a picture of this tee, but trust me- it is adorable. If you want to see the full tee, it is in this video. Anyways, one of my favorite things about this tee is the writing on the sleeve detail because it is perfect for styling with vests! I also plan to layer a pink and blue Lilly Pulitzer Scarf with this look once it gets colder, and because of this sleeve detail, it will match perfectly!

a sleeve

Another adorable product I own from Southern Girl Prep is this bracelet. It is similar to an Alex and Ani bracelet, if you have heard of those. I love this bracelet because it is so simple and easy to layer with all my other gold arm candy! It is simply just a gold bangle with a Southern Girl Prep charm and their dog logo charm, not pictured here but visible in the video I have linked above!

A bracelet

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