OOTD: October 8, 2017

I recently ran a poll on my Instagram story (@brightestofthebunch) asking if y’all prefer to see my OOTD’s on Snapchat (brightestotb) or if I should do them on the blog. Of course, y’all chose the version that requires more work for me, the blog. However, I am still going to post outfits on my snap, especially if I am not able to get a blog post up that day, so make sure to add me there! Anyways, then y’all said I have to WEAR the outfit the day I post it. I promise, I will try my best, but this daily series may not be so daily if that means I am required to get dressed every day. I am, however, actually wearing this look today. I am excited to share this outfit with y’all today because it is full of staples pieces from my wardrobe that I highly recommend and know are great quality and will last for years!


Y’all, I am so excited to FINALLY break out my bean boots for fall! The outfit I am wearing today is one of my absolute favorite ways to style my bean boots! If you do not already own a pair of L.L. Bean boots, then you better hurry! These babies sell out FAST! Seriously, if you do not order them now, you literally will not be able to get your hands on them until April. If you are a little uncertain if they are your style or not, I understand. I was a little iffy on them before I purchased them too. Now that I have them, I absolutely love them and promise that if you love wearing leggings, vests, tees, and scarves in the fall, you will love them too! If you end up not liking them, return or resell them! I bet you could sell them at the retail price if not for more because they are in such high demand in the fall and winter!


Another staple in my fall wardrobe is the J.Crew field jacket. I wanted one of these forever and was able to score this one for over 75% off at J.Crew Factory on Black Friday last year! It is perfect for layering with basically any outfit in the fall and I have gotten more use out of it than I ever imagined I would!

My earrings are from Kendra Scott, my absolute favorite jewelry brand. My boyfriend got them for me for my birthday and I love them because they match everything! All of her jewelry is amazing quality and will last for years and years!



My tee is from J.R. Crider’s. If you have never heard of them, they are a boutique based out of Georgia and they have a website that you can shop from! They carry their own tees that I am sharing here and then they also carry boutique style clothing and other brands like Lauren James and Lily Grace! Everything I have received from them is amazing quality and you can use my code OLIVIAN10 for 10% off!

The last part of this outfit I want to talk about are my leggings. I know you guys have heard it a million times, but just in case you are new here, I am going to share my little secret again. These Lilly Pulitzer Leggings are actually KIDS leggings!


I wear a double zero in Lilly and I recommend that anyone up to a size 2 try out the XL kids leggings! They’re $34 rather than the $100 that adults cost, which is basically 75% off! This print is the new color way of the print “Oh Shello.” If you do not know, Lilly started bringing back their most popular prints in new colors for a limited time every few months. When I saw these leggings, I knew I had to have them and managed to scoop them up when they were on sale during the After Party Sale! Check out my: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Haul and Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips and Tricks + What I have Purchased in Past Years and the Price of those Pieces! !







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