19 Years Later…

Today I am sharing a photo recap of the last 19 years of my life; but first I wanted to share some funny things I remember thinking as a child!

I thought that “you put it together” on the TV commercials for toys literally meant I had to put it together, that my parents could not help me at all. This was such a daunting thought to have as a seven year old.

I thought that the invisible shock fences for dogs shocked anyone that crossed them, so I was afraid to go into people’s yards if they had dog’s on invisible fences.

I was so completely confused when gas was in the upper $3/$4 because I did not understand that you have to put more than one gallon in your tank. I thought that when adults said “3.98” they must have meant $398 because I knew $3.98 was not expensive and could not understand all the complaining.

I thought that the 5th graders in elementary school were like 20 years old. But didn’t we all?



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