19 Facts About Me!

Tomorrow is my 19th Birthday so I have decided to share 19 facts about me that most of my followers probably don’t know!

1. I am a first year student at NC State University!

If you do not know, I am also a Journalism Ambassador for NC State’s University Housing! I write blog posts about my college experiences and publish it through their platforms! If you are interested in reading these posts, you can follow The Brightest of the Bunch on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @brightestotb, or subscribe to the popup that should be at the top of this page to receive direct links of everything published that week (once a week) in an email!

2. I have been with my boyfriend since my freshman year in high school<3

3. I am an only child

4. I am majoring in Fashion Textile Management and want to minor in Journalism!

5. The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, the Carrie Diaries, Sex and the City, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager are my favorite TV shows!

All of them are on Netflix except for Sex and the City! Although I love Gossip Girl and all things Carrie Bradshaw, The Fosters is probably my all time favorite show. One of the reasons I love it so much is because of the lessons about acceptance, and all other types of life lessons, it teaches and the real life issues it discusses. I feel like this is the most beneficial show ABC Family (now Freeform) ever made! I 100% recommend it!

6. Miley Cyrus is my favorite singer

She has always been my favorite. From Hannah Montana, to Can’t be Tamed Miley, to Wrecking Ball Miley, I can’t stop won’t stop loving her!


7. I played tennis and was a cheerleader in high school!

All four years! I also played tennis all throughout my childhood and was a cheerleader in middle school as well!

8. I love conspiracy theories

Yep! I believe the titanic was planned, that Beyoncè did not give birth to her first born, and that we are living in a parallel universe different from the one we were in a few years ago! I watch conspiracy videos on YouTube all the time! My favorite ones are from Kendall Rae and Shane!

9. I think every number has its own color

My boyfriend does not believe me, but I do. There’s an actual condition called color synesthesia. Some people see the colors so vividly that they can easily find one “2” in a sea of “5’s!” Mine is not this vivid, but I promise, in my mind, every number has a color. Some of the colors are more obvious, but they all have a color. I have thought it since I was a child, and the colors never change. My color/number list is:

1= yellow, 2= black/blue, 3= orange, 4= blue, 5= green, 6= pink, 7= purple, 8= red, 9= red

Combining the number to create double digit numbers like “35” become a little confusing to me because rather than the whole number having one color, each number (3 and 5) has its own (orange and green).

10. I drive a Jeep Liberty

It is silver!

11. I have a dog!

Her name is Lilly and we have a love hate relationship. She is hilarious because she runs around and acts like she has lost her mind, but she is annoying because she bites and constantly wants attention.

FullSizeRender 14



12. I was awarded the Trend Setter Superlative my senior year in high school

Y’all already know I am a trend setter, but it is amazing to know my graduating class thought so too!

13. I’ve never been out of the country

Now that I am in college, nearly everyone I know has been out of the country at some point. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to study abroad out of the country!

14. My middle name is Sarah!

I have always loved my name being “Olivia Sarah.” I think the two names compliment each other well. If I did not decide to call the blog “The Brightest of the Bunch,” I may have included Olivia Sarah in the name!

15. I am late to nearly everything and have issues oversleeping

If you went to high school with me, you are very aware of this.

16. I hate taking pictures

Well, maybe it is selfies that I hate. If you have ever tried to take a group selfie with me, then you know how award I become in that situation. I literally get so worried about if were smiling or doing the kissy face or sticking our tongues out- it makes me panic!

17. I am a night owl

There is rarely a night that I go to sleep before 1am and I write most of my blog posts at night!

18. I went through phases of being obsessed with every toy possible as a child

Oh, you loved Barbies? Me too; and my little ponies, webkinz, polly pockets, littlest pet shops, bratz, american girl dolls, you name it! And I don’t mean I had one of each, I mean multiples of each. Like completely obsessed at one point. Webkinz? I had at least 30. Littlest Pet Shops? Probably 100.

19. I cannot stand to be around people while they brush their teeth

The foam and spit just gets to me and literally makes me cringe. I even cringe sometimes when I brush my own teeth.



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