Characteristics of a Libra and how accurate they are for me

Hey y’all! I was watching Kendall Rae’s old YouTube video about Libra’s (she has not made her new one for this year yet) and I was shocked at how accurate the characteristics are! I also did a little research of my own, so today I am going to be sharing what I have learned about Libra’s and how accurate I think my zodiac is!

  • Pleasant, put words together well, charming

    • I would like to think that I am these things, but I am not sure that I can testify that I am. Kendall states that people often think they are flirting when they are not because of how kind and loving Libra’s tend to be; which I can see and feel like I have experienced before.
  • Want to see best in life, do not like anything vulgar or gross

    • Kendall states that Libra’s do not like cuss words or “potty jokes,” and if you know me, you know this is me. I literally never say cuss word because I do not think it is cute and I am a lady and cute, professional ladies do not speak like that. I also tell people “I don’t like that  word” or “bad word!” when they cuss around me, if I know them well. Cuss words are just not a part of my vocabulary. Regarding her statement that they do not like “potty jokes,” I completely agree. Jokes regarding what happens in the bathroom are just not funny to me and I just get uncomfortable. Kendall also talks about how Libra’s want world to be a happy place and do not watch the news because they do not like to see the negative aspects of the world. I can agree that this is partially me. I do not watch the news because most of the time, it does not interest me, honestly. I can say, however, that I prefer not to focus on what is going right rather than what is wrong, unless it is completely necessary that we discuss the issue. I completely understand that some things need to be talks about, but sometimes I would rather not. This probably connects to a fact about Libra’s that I am going to talk about later about them hating confrontation. She also say that they always try to see the good, which I also think is me, especially when it comes to people. Sometimes, no matter what bad people have done, I cannot help but continue to see the good in them.
  • Indecisive

    • This is probably what most people will say is definitely me. Kendall talks about how Libra’s genuinely do not care about what to eat because “both of them sound good”to them. People always get frustrated with me because I say I do not care what we eat. Well, here is the proof. I always tell people I genuinely do not care, but they act like that is not an acceptable response. I can’t help my sign! She also talks about how Libra’s do not like to make huge decisions and are slow about making choices because they want to weigh al the options and are insecure and uncertain when making decisions. I definitely take time to think about everything, even if it seems like something that should come instantly. For example, my boyfriend is forever frustrated with me because he talks for a really long time and gives out all this information and then I do not verbally reply fast enough because I am still processing everything he said. I always say “I do not know what I think yet I am thinking” and he does not get that. That is probably part of this indecisive quality.
  • People pleasers, do not like when someone does not like them

    • Somewhat. I think I subconsciously do this.
  • Can see things from every point of view, understanding, see both ways, not very opinionated, “on the fence”

    • I definitely think that this is me. I feel like dos too the time, I am able to see every side of an argument or fight. I feel like I am able to put myself in other’s positions and understand why people may make choices they should not have.


  • Good awareness of fairness and equality

    • I would day that I have these characteristics. I feel like this also goes along with being about to see every side of an argument and my ability to put myself in other people’s shoes. I feel like if you are more aware of how other’s feel and not just yourself, then you will have better awareness of what is fair and equal.
  • Do not like confrontation, will do anything to avoid fights, let things go, lie to not be confronted, does not like violence, want to avoid stress and emotional challenges

    • I definitely am terrified of confrontation. Even if things are going well, I become so afraid of what might happen during the situation that 99% of the time I will start crying. Confronting people just gives me anxiety. Most of the time I convince myself that if I avoid the situation, it will eventually work itself out without having to confront anyone.
  • Want to solve other’s problems, hurt when others are not getting along, make peace even if costs own happiness

    • I am not sure if this really applies to me…
  • Trusting, people feel can tell you everything and anything, sense of comfort around a libra, good listeners

    • Remember how I said it takes me awhile to respond sometimes? Well, the post code of that is that I am a great listener! I may not always know exactly what to say back, but I can definitely listen. And I can be trusted.
  • Easily influenced, can agree on about anything, do not have much opinion for themselves

    • This probably connects to our ability to see every side of a situation.


  • Passive agressive

    • Absolutely. I am passive aggressive, my boyfriend points it out all the time. It is probably my way of letting my frustration out, since Libra’s cannot do direct confrontation.
  • Romantic

    • Kendall states, “they love little things like good morning texts and kisses on the forehead; yeah, they just totally eat that shit up,” which is absolutely me. Relationship wise, every single morning, no matter what, I will at least send a good morning and I love you text. She states that they are dedicated to each relationship they have, which I also feel like I am. I do not really take relationships, of any kind, lightly. Kendall states that Libra’s search for deep and meaningful relationships even though they have friendly, casual relationships. This is also me. No matter the casual relationships/friendships I build, I crave deeper connections. If I was single, I would not be a “single person.” You know, the ones that date around and hook up with tons of people. That is just not me. If I was single, I would be looking for a committed relationship.
  • Have good smiles, soothing voices

    • I am not sure about this because I hate my smile and think it is crooked
  • Creative

    • I definitely think that I am a creative person. I may not be the absolute best at being creative, but I definitely prefer it over other ways of expressing yourself and other aspects (like research) of things like projects.
  • Fond of expensive, material things

    • I can definitely appreciate nice things (insert laughing emoji)





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