19 Current Favorites Under $19

I decided to share 19 items under $19 because this week I will be turning 19 years old! In honor of my birthday, each post this week will either have something to do with 19 or my birthday! The first five are some of my favorite products from my favorite brands. The remaining fourteen products are my favorite trends this fall season! All under $19!

1. Lily and Laura’s

Lily and Laura Bracelets are only $12 a piece or you can buy 3 for $30! Also, you can use my code OliviaL+L for 20% off any order from their website! Lily and Laura’s are my absolute favorite bracelets to wear and sick with my everyday accessories!

2. Jadelynn Brooke Fanny Pack

These actually retail for $22, but if you use my code ONNCSU, they end up around $18!

3. Vogue Tee

This also actually retails for over $19, but if you use my code OLIVIA10, it is just under $19!

4. Jadelynn Brooke Tees




In the “final few” sale section on Jadelynn Brooke’s website, there are several different tees that are on sale for under $19! Some of them are around $19, but definitely under $19 after using my code!

5. Jadelynn Brooke Shorts

These are also normally more than $19, but they are currently on sale and with my code, they make the cut!

I’m telling y’all, if you are looking for super trendy clothes for cheap, check out Forever 21! All of the items below are currently on trend and under $19! Everything is linked!

6.Lace Up Sweater


Lace Up Sweater

7. Lace Up V Neck Sweater


Black Lace Up Sweater

White Lace Up Sweater

8. Choker Sweater


Choker Sweater

9. Bell Sleeve Sweater


Bell Sleeve Sweater

10. Tie Front Sweater


Knot Front Sweater

11. Leather Skirt


Leather Skater Skirt($7)



Leather Quilted Skirt($12)



Leather Zipper Skirt($10)

12. Velvet Skirt


Peplum Velvet Skirt($12)


Skater Velvet Skirt($12)


Rose Velvet Skirt($14)


Crushed Velvet Zipper Skirt

13. Jean Skirt


Dark Jean Skirt($10)




Light Jean Skirt($13)

14. Velvet Tee

Striped Velvet Tee

Yellow Velvet Tee($10)

Brown Velvet Tee

Gray Velvet Cropped Tee($9)

Pink Velvet Tee

15. Mesh Tops


Mesh Top($6)

16. Pleated Skirts

IMG_3239 White Fully Pleated Skirt



Pink Pleated Skirt



White Half Pleated Skirt

17. Plaid Skirt


Black Plaid Skirt($7)



Pink Plaid Skirt

18. Vinyl Skirt


Vinyl Skirt

19. Satin


Pink Satin Ruffle Dress

Ruffle Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve

Champagne Cold Shoulder Dress

Yellow Off the Shoulder Top

Pleated Satin Shorts($12)

Gray Off the Shoulder TopI($10)

Satin Bomber Jacket($12)

Cold Shoulder Top($11)

Peplum Skirt($11)






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