Summer 2017 Recap!

Now that college football has begun and the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale has ended: summer is officially over. I figured it was about time to recap my transition summer from high school to college! Now that I am trying to capture all of my summer memories, I am realizing that the summer flew by!

As always, I taught tennis lessons at my local recreational center every morning, so almost every summer day had some dedicated time on the courts.

I also blogged A LOT. Like a new post every day and hours of photoshoots every week a lot. And honestly, it was so beneficial. The blog grew a lot and I reached stats I never had before. The blog also brought me more opportunities to work with many different brands and even landed me an internship as a Journalism Ambassador for NC State University Housing! One of the directors over there discovered me through my blog and reached out to me about the position! I just recently started creating content for them, so make sure to follow me on twitter and snap chat @brightestotb to see all my college/NC State content!

Oh, and I finally started a YouTube! All of my social media information is linked at the bottom of the screen (right side if you are on a desk top), so go check it out! Did you know that when I started my blogging Instagram account my goal was to become a YouTuber and I never imagined blogging would be my main form of content?? Read more about that here!: Why I’m a Blogger

I spent days on the lake and weeks on the beach- literally!

I went to North Myrtle Beach with my mom for one week and then went to Islamorada in the Florida Keys the next week! While in the Keys, we had many adventures that I am so thankful for and will never forget. We got to paddle board, snorkel, see a manatee, fish out in the ocean and then eat what we caught, and go to the Lilly Pulitzer store in Palm Beach! This trip is probably my favorite memory form this summer and I am forever wishing we were still there. You can watch my Travel Vlog: Florida Keys to see all my experiences!

I spent many of the endless summer days with my boyfriend, just enjoying being in our hometown before transitioning to college life!

I attended my freshman orientation, which you can read all about here: My Experience: Freshman Orientation, and spent days upon days preparing for the big move! I ordered literally everything I needed for college from Target, and you can read all about that here: College/Dorm Haul !

Oh, and you know what else finally happened this summer? Actually, a lot of things finally happened this summer. But anyways, I FINALLY WENT TO THE EYE DOCTOR!FullSizeRender 111IMG_1998


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