New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Desigual Show Thoughts

As my fellow fashion lovers probably know, New York Fashion Week started Thursday! It is a dream of mine to one day attend NYFW, but for now I have been watching the Live Stream videos that are posted on NYFW’s website and app! I originally was planning to do a recap on everything I saw today, but once I watched the Desigual Show, I knew I had to focus on it. I will discuss the trends I have seen throughout NYFW and share my overall favorites at the end of the week!

Thoughts on the Desigual Show:

If you have not watched this, you absolutely NEED to. This was by far the most unique collection I saw today- performance wise and fashion wise! You know how most models walk stiff and straight right down the runway without missing a beat? Well not on this runway! In this attention grabbing showcase, the models had choreographed flamboyant dances they performed down the runway- and each one was different! They also had extravagant face paint, hair styles, and headpieces to grab the audiences attention. There were even two models that were wearing thong bikini bottoms with a small piece of paper tied over the back that they flapped around during their dance to tease the audience. Some people may not have preferred this form of performance, I will admit I was shocked when I first saw it, but that is the point! I think having the models strut the runway like this was genius because it is going to leave an impact on people and bring more traffic to this collection because the performance draws people in. I mean, clearly it is already working because I am writing about it now! Like I said, GENIUS!

From my research, I have found that Desigual normally includes the extravagant headpieces, but does not normally have the models perform in this way. I also found that in 2016, the makeup he had the models wear was inspired by the infamous snapchat faces filters.

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Now on to the fashion seen in this collection. I personally saw some high school characteristics in some of these looks. My reasoning for this is the classic school styles, like button top tops, cable knit sweaters, and pleated skirts, that were presented in this show case. Also, everything is colorful and out there and may not necessarily make sense to others; maybe that is the point. I also noticed that there were many hints to different cultures throughout the collection. The classic “school looks” I mentioned I noticed seemed very American/English, the sailor jackets mocked that of an American sailor, and there were Indian, Chinese, and African symbols and representations seen in the head pieces and on the clothing presented. So, maybe just the idea of diversity and embracing differences overall. Honestly, I am not sure. It is a show that leaves the audience thinking and I am sure it can be interpreted many different ways. Overall, this collection seemed more like art than every day clothing to me- and I absolutely love it because of that.

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*All of these photos belong to the NYFW website/app*


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