Rush Day Three!

Honestly, today was really hard. When we met with our groups this morning I discovered that I was not invited back to my two top favorites, so I was left with my bottom three. This was honestly devastating because I felt like I had had such good conversation with my top pick and everyone in that sorority made me feel at home, and then they did not want me. After realizing that I was stuck with my bottom choices, I debated dropping out of recruitment. There were two that I knew I did not belong with. This is not because they are bad sororities, I just do not feel like I fit in with the girls there. I was overwhelmed because this process is supposed to be one we have a say in, and obviously, our opinions mean little. I have put two of these sororities on the bottom of my list for two days straight, yet here I am visiting them again because they are the only ones that want me. Joining a sorority is a big commitment and I want it to be one that I am excited about and I do not want to feel out of place in my own “home.”

Other than the two I just mentioned, there was one that I had listed towards the bottom but did not feel completely out of place in. My only issue with committing to this sorority is that I have talked to the same two girls every single day of recruitment. I like these girls and feel that we connect well, but in every other house I have had the opportunity to talk to at least three girls every round. I still had hope for this chapter, but my meeting with them was at the end of the day and I was beginning to feel discouraged after meeting with two houses I did not feel I belonged in.

Everyone says, “trust the process,” but it is hard. Especially when you are in the situation I am where you end up with none of your “number one” picks, and everyone else you talk to is still invited to theirs. Despite my uncertainty, a few of the recruitment leaders encouraged me to continue throughout the day and meet with my now “number one” sorority.

Throughout this day you could be invited back to up to five houses and I was invited to three. At the end of this day we had to rank two chapters as “number ones” and the remaining as “twos” or “threes;” all depending on how many invitations we received that day.

At each house we talked with (mostly) new girls and they asked the same basic questions they normally do and then we learned about their philanthropy and the organizations they do service and raise money for for about thirty-five minutes. As always, we got to go to the “Hospitality House” in Talley if we had any breaks in our schedule to wait for our next round.

Like I said, my new “number one” sorority meeting was at the end of the day. After I met with them, I realized that maybe I could fit in with them and have decided to finish the recruitment process. I will be honest though, if I am not invited back to them tomorrow, I really do not think that I will continue. My recruitment leaders really stressed to me that I do not have to give up on this years recruitment and decide to just try again next year yet. You see, after Bid Day there is a little more than a month that you spend with your sorority before you go through initiation. This means that any time between bid day and initiation you can decide to drop if you feel you were not placed in the right house, and then you can rush again next year. If I end up with the last house I visited today, I feel like I will be happy with the chapter I was placed in. However, if I feel like I was not placed in the right house, I can always just try again next year. There is no commitment on Bid Day, I just really want it to be something I am excited for and if I end up in a sorority I do not feel at home in, then I am not going to be excited about it.

I also want to talk a little about all the other ways you can get involved on campus other than Panhellenic sororities. There are tons of clubs, intramural sports teams, and non-Panhellenic sororities that can provide that same bond and bring extra joy to your college experience; Panhellenic Sorority/Fraternity life is not the only option.


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