Rush Day Two!

This morning we met all met to receive our schedules before we got on the bus to visit the houses we were invited back to. Like I said in my day one recap (Rush Day One!), on the first day we ranked the sororities to our preference and had eight “number ones,” one “number two,” and one “number three.” If we put the sorority as number two or three, it means that we would prefer not to receive an invitation from them. I thought this meant that we definitely would not receive an invitation, but I was wrong. The only way we would not receive an invitation from our bottom two is if we received invitations from all ten, since we could only visit eight today.

When I received my schedule I had five invitations. Like I said before, the counselors said is is common to receive about five invitations instead of eight. I was a little shocked because I thought that I had had nice conversations with mostly all of the sororities, but the sororities may have just felt like we were not the perfect fit. I was relieved to see that my top two picks were on my schedule, but I was not so ecstatic that my bottom three were also on my schedule. You see, tomorrow we visit five houses and then the next day only two. It makes me nervous that there are two elimination days until Pref Night, the day that we only visit two, because if my top two drop me, I do not know if I will want to continue. None of the sororities here at NC State are bad sororities, it is just that I really do not feel like I fit in well with the other three that were on my schedule today. I really love my top choice and hope they will continue to want me, but I am scared that they will not.

Anyways, today everyone visited the houses on their schedule and had thirty minutes with each chapter. During these thirty minutes we met with different girls than we talked with yesterday and also toured the house. Similar to yesterday, they switched out sisters ever so often and asked basic questions about our major and where we are from. They also sang their chants as we entered and left just like they did yesterday.


If there was a point in time that you were not visiting a house, you would have this time if your schedule was not full, then you would stay in the “Hospitality House,” or Talley. There they had snacks and drinks and were playing the NC State football game for us to watch while we waited for our next round.

We had Chick-fil-A for dinner and then continued to tour the houses until we had completed our schedule. At this point in time, the girls that visited more than five houses today were instructed to rank five “number ones” and put the others as chapters that they would not prefer to visit again. For those of us that had five or less invitations today, we were required to chose to accept any invitations we are given in the future.



5 thoughts on “Rush Day Two!

  1. This is such an exciting time! I’m a Delta Zeta and wouldn’t trade my sisters for anything in this world! We still get together at least once a year! Enjoy this time and continue to share your wonderful experiences with the world!

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