The Meaning Behind my Blog name!

If you have been following along with my Instagram for a while, then you know my username used to be @classicprep98 ! I chose that username because when I began my Instagram I had an only preppy style and had been following many other accounts with “prep” in their username so I thought it would be a way to attract other girls that love the preppy style! You can read more all about transition and how I became a blogger here:


White Jean Skirt


Jack Rogers

About a year ago, I decided to start a blog to make my account more of a platform for me to share my love for fashion and gain the opportunity to work with companies through! I had made a blog a few different times with different names, but never found something I actually stuck with and was committed to.

I had played around with incorporating “liv” in the name as though I was saying “live” because my name is Olivia and a lot of people call me Liv; but that just never worked out.

I knew I wanted my blog name to be something that could last me for years no matter how my style evolved- I did not want to be restricted to the “preppy” style anymore.

I played around with a ton of different blog names and many of them were already taken on WordPress.


Kendra Scott Elles

Kendra Scott Necklace 

I do not know what led me to name my blog “The Brightest of the Bunch,” but I eventually landed on it! I loved this name for my blog because of all the different things it can mean and represent. The Brightest of the Bunch can literally mean the brightest colors you have seen, which is probably true for my Instagram feed because my theme is basically bright colors and because of all the Lilly I post! It can mean the Brightest as in the smartest of the bunch, which is always a quality one would hope to have. Brightest of the Bunch can mean the happiest. And my favorite interpretation, brightest as in my posts always brighten my followers day. As I mentioned in this post, all I can hope for is that I inspire others and encourage them to follow their dreams.


This tee shirt is probably my favorite tee ever! It is from the Etsy Shop Moscato and Monograms and you can use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off!

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