Back to School Outfits!

Hey y’all! The first day of school is right around the corner, so it is time to start thinking about what you will be wearing! Today I am continuing my Back to School series I started posting on the blog last week with 8 outfits perfect for school!

This Jadelynn Brooke tee pairs perfectly with these Lilly Pulitzer callahans for a more casual but still adorable outfit! Jadelynn Brooke tees are honestly some of my favorites and if you did not know, I was recently accepted into their college rep program! Woohoo! Use my code ONNCSU for 15% off!

I know some schools are picky about what shorts are acceptable in their dress code, so these may not be best for everyone. These Lilly shorts and the ones I have linked below are a 5 inch inseam, so they were allowed at my high school. If you are uncertain about your dress code but really want to wear them- I say go for it. I mean, the first day is the perfect time to do it because, unless your school is really strict, they are not going to dress code you on the very first day. Lilly shorts are probably one of their best quality products because of the fabric they are made with. Also, they are one of the cheapest products Lilly has so great for if you have never tried Lilly before!

Lilly Pulitzer Callahans

In this look I am wearing a Lilly Pulitzer tee shirt dress and have paired it with my Moscato and Monograms monogram tote! Tee shirt dresses are a great, simple way to look more dressed up for school while still being comfortable! This tote is absolutely gorgeous and paired perfectly with all of my Lilly! You can learn more about the feature it includes here: HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL CLOTHING HAUL, and use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off your order from the Etsy shop Moscato and Monograms!

I have paired my Lilly dress with my Glitter Jack Rogers. Overall, these are probably my most worn shoes. They are perfect for casual outfits and also more dressed up looks! Pairing them with Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines completes your preppy look! I have linked some below for you, and best of all- THEY ARE 50% OFF!

Lilly Pulitzer Tee Shirt Dress

Jack Rogers 50% OFF!

Some people would not pair Birks with Lilly and white pants, but I think they are the perfect way to dress down this outfit! This three quarter length sleeve is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall and a great piece for school! I have linked a similar one below!

If you have noticed, I pair literally ALL of my outfits with my Kendra Scott Elle’s and necklace! Although this jewelry is a little more expensive, I highly recommend their product and believe it is worth the price because you will wear it Every. Single. Day. I have linked my exact earrings and similar necklace below this photo!

Lilly Pulitzer Top

Kendra Scott Elle’s

Kendra Scott Necklace

To take a break from the more”preppy” looks, here’s an outfit I have been loving lately! This lace top is from Walmart and was only about $12! Walmart may not seem like your go to place for clothing, but some of my favorite tops came from there!

If you are like me, then you cannot wear most low cut tops because they show to much cleavage and feel too revealing (especially for school). Do not get me wrong, if you are comfortable with showing everything off- go for it. But I am not. I love low cut tops, but hate showing cleavage! I could never wear low cut tops because all my bras would make me show too much. Well, I have found the solution! Bralettes! This one from Victoria’s Secret Pink eliminate my cleavage instead of pushing everything up! I highly recommend this bralette and have linked one below for you!

Gray Lace Up Top


The top in this look is from the whole sale website Romwe and was only like $12! You can read all about my experience shopping Romwe here: 4 Dresses, 4 Tops, and 2 Bathing Suits all for only $100?! My Experience: Shopping Romwe and Haul!, or I have linked a similar top not from Romwe below if you still do not trust ordering from them! Anyways, this top is ADORABLE! Its blue and white gingham, which is totally on trend this season if you have not noticed. Also, it is perfect for school because it is like the only blue and white top that is not off the shoulder, just incase your school does not allow that in their dress code!

What’s that rule about white jeans again? Oh, yeah. There isn’t one! I just bought these amazing whit jeans so I definitely will not be packing them up any time soon! The best part about these jeans- they are only $25! I have linked them below for you and they are stretchy so your true size will fit perfectly!

Gingham Top

White Jeans $25

I never went to a school that required button down or collared shirts, but I honestly think it would have been kind of fun to create unique outfits within those limitations! Anyways, if your school requires button downs they probably do not allow shorts, but if they do, this outfit is your go to look! It is literally so easy to pair this white Ralph Lauren button down with any Lilly callahans or skirt for a cute and professional look! This outfit is one of my go to looks for school even though I am not required to wear tops like this! I have linked a Ralph Lauren button down just like this below for you and it is on sale for $20 instead of the retail price of $98! And it is available in ALL SIZES!

Ralph Lauren Button Down $20

The top in this outfit is also from Romwe, read all about Romwe here: 4 Dresses, 4 Tops, and 2 Bathing Suits all for only $100?! My Experience: Shopping Romwe and Haul! And I have linked a similar one below.

I have been loving the Hollister jeans in this look recently! They are “cropped” so they fit my 5’2″ self perfectly, high waisted so they can be worn with crop tops, and best of all- on sale for $25! I have linked them below for you! I know they may not work for every dress code because of the holes above the knees, but if they will work for you, you need them!

I have also paired this look with my new Birkenstocks! I got these because I have heard everyone talking about how comfortable they are for walking around- perfect for a college campus! Ever since I got them I have worn them nearly every day! They are like the sandal version of Bean Boots! Check out my YouTube video to see how I was able to score them for 20% off!: HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL CLOTHING HAUL

Babydoll Top

Hollister Ripped Jeans $25


Here is yet another example of how easily a white Ralph Lauren button down can pair with Lilly Pulitzer bottoms to create a professional look.

I bought this skort a few years ago and I love it! It fits perfectly and is great for a more dressed up school outfit! I only have two Lilly Pulitzer skorts, and I am beginning to realize that I need to invest in a few more! I have linked a similar one below!

Lilly Pulitzer Skort

*these links may be affiliated, meaning I may earn a small commission*


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