5 Tips for Preparing for your First Day Back to High School!

1. Practice Sleep Schedule:

This is one I definitely should do. If you are like me and are the absolute worst at waking up on time, you need to practice waking up in the morning so you are not late on your first day. My number one tip- SET MORE THAN ONE ALARM ON MORE THAN ONE DEVICE. I personally have about 7 alarms set on my iPhone and also an actual alarm clock because, for whatever reason, my iPhone is notorious for having the alarm screen up as if it is going off and no noise coming out. And trust me, my sound is on and my volume is up. I set more than one alarm on my iPhone because we all have accidentally hit for the phone alarm to end instead of snooze. I bought a new alarm clock for this year because my old one would sometimes also not go off. I swear it would go off for a minute but then just give up and turn off my itself. Do you ever hear your alarm and incorporate it in your dream for a few minutes? Well I do that all the time and this clock would decide to quit going off before I would realize it was not a dream! Just to be 100% sure all the alarms and you schedule will work the first day of school, I recommend testing your sleep schedule the week before school starts!

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2. Read your Summer Reading List:

If you have a summer reading list, especially if you are from my high school and have Mr. Fossett, I definitely recommend that you read it! The school year is going to be stressful enough- you do not need to be stressed that you did not do your homework for the first day! And if you do happen to have Mr. Fossett, I guarantee that you will have a test the first day on the books you were assigned. Just trust me, it is better to be prepared!

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3. Have your Book Bag Packed:

The last thing you want is to be late because you were last minute packing your backpack. Also, packing it early will help make sure you have everything you need! Do not worry, if you forget something the first day it PROBABLY will not ruin the whole semester, but you do NOT want to be that kid that gets ridiculed by the teacher the first day because you did not even bring a writing utensil. I mean, come on, you at least need to be somewhat prepared for class.

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4. Have your Outfit Picked Out:

For me, having my First Day of School outfit picked out helps me be excited for the day to come rather than dread it. I normally wear something I bought over the summer and have been saving for school and am dying to wear! Also, picking out your outfit the day of can result in you being late. You never know, you might have one of those days that nothing feels right if you have not already decided before! I promise, you are not going to have time for ten outfit changes the first day!

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5. Walk through your Schedule:

I know one of my biggest worries on the first day is always that I am not going to know where my class is and will end up coming in late. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to walk through your schedule at open house! This is a great way to become more comfortable with the school if it is your first year and is also a great opportunity to meet your teachers and hopefully leave a good impression!

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