College/Dorm Haul


Most college dorm beds are a size Twin XL, so that is the size bedding you will need to purchase. I bought a white comforter so I can use it for many years even if I want to change up the theme of my room because all I will have to do to the bed is change the pillows!

  • Twin XL Sheets:

I got two different sets so if one is dirty I do not have to rush to wash it. I got white sheets with pink flamingos and a set of pink and white chevron sheets.

  • Pillows:

Since my comforter is all white, the pillows is what makes my bed. I originally wanted a Lilly Pulitzer comforter from Garnet Hill, but sadly, they stopped making them last year. So instead, I will be decorating my white comforter with Lilly Pulitzer pillows!

Flamingo Lilly Pillow

Mermaid Lilly Pillow

Large Lilly Pillow

I do not know about you, but I ALWAYS sleep with a blanket and use one when doing homework or just lounging around!

  • Back Pillow/Head Board Pillow:

Most college dorm beds do not have a head board on the back of the bed. Because of this, it is best to invest in either a back rest pillow or an actual head board pillow!

The mattress you will be sleeping on has no support. It is best that you purchase a mattress pad so that you bed is more comfortable and supportive!

  • Twin XL Mattress Cover:

Your mattress cover is meant to protect the mattress from any spills or damage.

Dorm Decor:

  • Wall Decor:

Wall decor is the perfect way to make your dorm room feel a little more like you. I have several pieces of wall art that I love, and you will be able to see them in my Dorm Room Tour! To make sure you do not miss this post, follow me on Instagram: @brightestofthebunch

Paris Wall Art

Flamingo Wall Art

Longhorn Wall Decor

Pineapple Wall Art

  • Curtains:

Me roommate and I have picked out superrrrr cuutteeee curtains, and you can see them when I share my dorm tour!

  • Rug:

The floors in dorms are like the floors you see in your High School. Purchasing a rug is just another way to make your room feel more like home!

Dorm Life Neccessities:

Even if they do not look it, the showers in dorms are nasty. Everyone showers in there. Standing in the shower barefooted can lead to diseases like Athletes foot and many more. Because of this, you will need shoes to wear while showering. You can purchase actual shower shoes, or just simple rubber flip flops like I did!

Remember how I said everyone showers here? Exactly. You will not be able to leave your shampoo and soap in the shower because other people will be using it. So, you will need a totable shower caddy.

I have never used a robe before. At home, I just put my clothes right on after showering. Well, I have stayed in dorms for college visits many times, and changing with privacy in the bathroom in nearly impossible. I purchased a robe to wear right when I get out of the shower until I am able to change into my clothes in my dorm room so I am not running around in my towel!

Most people would probably remember to bring this. However, if you are like me and always share things like this with your mom, then you might not remember that you need to purchase your own.

Same as I said above. I always shared with my mom, now I will not be able to do that.

You will need a laundry basket to tote your clothes to wherever your laundry room may be located! I have also heard that college students prefer to use tide pods because all you have to do is toss the pod in- no worrying about dragging detergent and softener bottles down there!

You will need this product to wash undergarments and other delicate clothing items in.

  • Extra Baskets and Storage:

Depending on the furniture and storage systems in your room, you may want other baskets or plastic drawers for storage. I will have a closet in my room as well as a desk with drawers, so I am just bringing three little baskets to use in my closet to hold things like socks and shorts!

Small Basket

Bigger Basket

Storage Drawers

  • Miscellaneous Little Items

You will need things you never thought about before like command hooks, light bulbs, batteries, and other miscellaneous items! You are not allowed to damage the walls of your dorm by creating holes with nails, which is why you will need the command hooks to hang any wall decor or really anything you want ton hang on the wall!

From what I have seen, dorm rooms only come with the overhead light. This can become inconvenient if your roommate wants to sleep while you still need to study. A desk lamp would be perfect if you prefer to always study at a desk, but if you are like me and study in bed a lot, then a lamp that will clip onto your bed may be the right option for you! Or, to be even more prepared, get both!

Some dorms come with mirrors on the back of the door, while others do not. In some of the dorms I have stayed in, I had to do my makeup in my phone! I recommend a full body mirror but also a makeup mirror with a light because the lighting in dorms is not the best for blending your makeup!

  • Iron/Steamer:

Another thing you probably use at home but may not remember to buy a mini version for yourself. I bought a miniature steamer because many of my pieces would be damaged by an iron. I understand that you will mostly be wearing track shorts and tees, but for those days you want or need to dress up, if you are like me, you do not want your outfit to be wrinkly.

You and your roommate are responsible for cleaning your dorm. I bought a swiffer to sweep up the floor because I feel like this is the easiest cleaning item for college students!

  • Paper Plates and Disposable Silverware:

You most likely will not have a sink in your room, and even if you do, I just cannot see you or myself wanting to wash dishes when you could just buy disposable products instead!

You will be walking around campus a lot and it will be easier to have a water bottle or other reusable cup like a yeti to fill up at water fountains instead of having to purchase a bottled water when you are thirsty!


I will have an entire post about downsizing your closet for college up tomorrow, but for now, here are some things you do not want to forget:

You will be walking across campus to classes so you are going to have to deal with whatever weather is thrown at you! Forgetting to bring a rain jacket or umbrella would not be a fun experience.

From what I have heard, unless you are required to do otherwise, everyone wears track shorts and tees to class every day.

  • Tee Shirts:

Similar to what I said above, but also perfect to wear when having out in your dorm. Some of my favorite tees are from J.R. Crider’s, Crescent Cotton, Southern Girl Prep, Jadelynn Brooke, and The Pinkish Flamingo! Check out all my discount codes for these brands here Rep/Discount Codes! !

  • Sweat Shirts:

I almost always have on a pullover when hanging out at home or if I am cold in class so I will definitely be bringing several to college with me! My favorite pullovers are from the Etsy shop Moscato and Monograms! You can use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off!

  • Leggings:

Similar to the sweatshirts, I live in leggings on cooler days!

  • Business Attire:

You never know when you might be required to wear business attire to do something like give a presentation in class! I recommend taking one pair of nice shoes, a nice skirt and nice pants, and a few nice blouses. Just as a reminder, you want to keep heels relatively short and skirts at least to right above the knee!

  • A Few Dresses/More Dressed Up Looks:

There may be days that you just feel like dressing up a little or you may want to dress up for things like clubs, greek life, work, or going out with friends! Do not get so caught up in the belief that all college students wear are workout clothes, especially if you know that is not your style!

  • Transitioning Pieces:

Unless you live really close to home, I would bring a few transitioning pieces. For example, when I start school in August it will still feel like summer, but I will bring a pair of jeans and a jacket just incase the weather takes a turn before I go home again. I especially feel like you should pack these pieces if you live hours and hours away or out of state and experience different weather patterns in your area! It would not be fun to get caught in 30 degree weather in shorts.

Like I said, you will be walking a lot on campus, so you will want comfy shoes. I’m weird and do not care if my feet hurt; I will wear the shoes I want to wear no matter what. However, I will be taking my chacos just incase this mindset changes and I recommend taking tennis shoes or chacos just incase you find yourself in need of comfortable walking shoes.


  • Lap Top:

If you have not noticed, the entire world works electronically these days. Before now, I was using a 10 year old Lenovo that had about a 10 inch screen, took 15 minutes to get to the website you needed, and had to be plugged in to work because the battery was dead and it could not be replaced because it was built into the keyboard. I recommend purchasing a Mac for college!

  • Surge Protector:

These are needed so that if the power lines get struck by lightening, all your devices that are plugged in will be protected.

As I have mentioned, your roommate and you may not have the same studying and sleeping schedule. Also, you may not like the same music or prefer to listen to music at the same time. Headphones are the best way to ensure that you can listen to whatever you desire without disrupting you roommate and causes fights between the two of you.

  • Extra Chargers:

I break chargers ALL THE TIME. You will be so thankful to have extra phone and computer chargers if you ever lose or break one!

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