Favorite Instagram Pages!


Faith, if you are not following her, you need to be! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is one of the sweetest people! Her blog is so on point it makes me realize that I need to take some blog organization tips from her! I absolutely love her trendy style and all the Jadelynn Brooke she shares! The outfits she posts in Instagram and her blog inspire me and also look so effortless! I am actually sharing this outfit with the blog today because it is something I could see Faith styling on her page!


As you may have realized, I love everything Delaney does on social media! I honestly see her as a role model and look to her when I need inspiration! Her photos are so fun and spontaneous and the outfits she shares are gorgeous! She shares tons of trendy pieces, but also a lot of Lilly because she works there! Like I said in this post my YouTubers post, she is a year older and the posts she shares on her blog/YouTube dealing with things like sororities and being a rep for Pink give me a look into the opportunities available to me in the future and help me discover what I want to try to be a part of as I get older. She also holds tons of love stories on her Instagram where I have had the chance to ask her specific questions (mostly about college) and have them answered instantly! You definitely need to check her out, you won’t regret it!


One of the sweetest bloggers I follow! Cayleigh shares tons of adorable outfits and Jadelynn Brooke pieces! Her blog is so helpful with things like Birkenstock reviews and DIY Lilly Letters! I know I’ve already said it, but she’s honestly the sweetest person! Always comments on my pictures and interacts with me on Instagram! You need to be following her!


A combination of Amanda and Delaney is what I strive for my Instagram to be. One of my favorite things she does are her try in hauls on her Instagram stories! She tries on tons of outfits and talks about what she loved or hates about them and then links everything for you to shop! Her blog is so successful and inspires me to continue to pursue my blog so it will grow into a successful business!


If you’re a Lilly lover you NEED to be following @lillylovinhay on Instagram! Her photos of her Lilly make me love pieces I never took a second look at on the website(which is great for Lilly and terrible for my wallet)! Also, like all the ladies I have mentioned, she is one of the sweetest people!

Dress (similar)

Choker (similar)


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