4 Dresses, 4 Tops, and 2 Bathing Suits all for only $100?! My Experience: Shopping Romwe and Haul!

We’ve all seen it: those massive hauls on Youtube full of dirt cheap trendy clothes from wholesale websites like Romwe and Shein. We have all wondered if it is a scam and heard the rumor that only bloggers/youtubers sponsored by these sites get the good quality products that are actually what they ordered.

I have been browsing these sites for about a year considering all these rumors and wanting to try it out for my self- so I did!

I bought these pieces myself with money I made on Poshmark and Romwe does not know me or know that I am a blogger so there is no bias in what I received! So here we go! I am going to touch on all the things you are wondering about!

Overall, I think the quality of the products I received is pretty good! I am not disappointed! I will go over the quality of each piece when I talk about the individual pieces.


I spent $100 dollars so I got “expedited shipping.” It took a week for the items to actually be shipped and then a week to get here. All of those items were labeled “priority dispatch”  on the listing and one was not- it has not shipped yet and it has been almost a month.


Everyone says to use the measurements or just size up, but I ordered my normal size and everything fit well!


Everything was super cheap and the cost of each item will be with its description but I just wanted to let y’all know that you NEED to check the deals on the banner at the top of the screen! With that discount code I was able to get my $200 cart down to $100!

Now I am going to go through each piece I bought and give you all the details! Do not worry, if you love the piece but still do not trust Romwe or want to receive the item soon, I have linked similar products below everything!

Babydoll Top:

This top was $12.90 and i got a size small. It was very wrinkly, but it does not look too bad with this style top! The fit is perfect and the cut out in the back with the tie is absolutely adorable!



The tie back is my favorite because it is super cute with a lace bralette like this one! I think this top is the perfect casual look and a top that I will love in college!


Babydoll Top (similar)

Cactus Top:

This top was $8.40 and it is a “one size” top. I will say that it fits me, but will definiely not fit everyone. I recommend this top for someone that wears a small or an extra small.

As you will see below, the front of the top is scrunchy while the back is a straight panel.


Something weird about this top is that the front panel of scrunchy material is not attached to the back panel of flat fabric. It does not bother me too much, but it is a little odd.


Another thing is that the straps are a little too short and constricting. It is not too terrible and I will still definitely wear this top a ton, but it is something to consider.


The last issue with this top is that the embroidery patches are not perfect. They have little threads hanging out that I may cut off, but it does not really bother me enough to right now.


Overall, I am happy with this top probably not last me forever, but the cactus trend will not either. This trendy top is the perfect price and is the best way or me to test this trend without having to commit to an expensive item.


Cactus Top (similar)

Embroidery Top:

This top was $12.30 and I got a size small.

The front is a semi V/scoop neck and the back has a criss cross V.


The best part about this top is that the embroidery is real! Not printed on- actual thread!


Some things that bother me about this top are that there is a panel o the collar in the front that you can slightly see and that on the back of the shirt where the tag should be there is a black mark that is visible from the outside of the shirt.

Overall, I love this top. To me, it looks like something you would buy at Francesca’s, but costs a fourth of the price.

Embroidery Top (similar)

Wrap Dress:

This dress cost $9.60 and I got a size small. The fabric is a little thin, but it is not see through if you are wearing nude under garments.


On me, the armpits gap a little. So if you are not very large in the bust area, be aware that it may be a little too big there. I think that this will be an easy fix though and I plan to sew it to fit better soon!

One thing about this dress that I was worried about was that it would not stay closed well, but it does! It has a tie on the inside of the dress and one on the outside! 

I had been wanting this dress but one that was from Forever 21 and around $30 so I am so glad I found this one for only $12! 

Wrap Dress (similar)

Knot Waist Dress:

This dress was $7.50 and I got a size XS.

I have almost no issues with this dress- other than the gap size in the cut being slightly uneven!


i have been wanting this dress for a while and ever since I got it I have found myself wanting to wear it every day! It is super comfy and casual but the knot is an adorable detail that adds a fun twist!


Knot Dress

Gingham Seersucker Top:

This top was only $5.70 and it is a one size top. Like I said before, it fits me, but I only recommend one size pieces for XS/Small sizes. The fabric is thin, but not see through.img_8579

You always hear rumors about these clothing pieces stinking when they arrive. I did not have that issue, but if any of them have a smell, it is this top! To me, this top smells like one of those scratch and sniff picture books I had when I was little!


Gingham Top (similar)

Color Block Dress:

This dress was $12.30 and I got a size XS. The color-blocking is adorable! The fabric is very thick and an odd material, but it is not too bad!


The best part about this dress- IT HAS POCKETS!


This is a dress I have also been wanting for a while after seeing it from so many bloggers on Instagram!

Color Block Dress (similar)

Embroidery Dress:

This dress was $19.80, so the most expensive item, but it was worth it! I got a size small or XS (idk!!) and it is perfect!

I love the low cut in the front because although it is lower than I expected, it is skinny and not too revealing!


The detailing on the embroidery is absolutely gorgeous and real!! Not printed!


The best part is that the embroidery is on the front and the back of the dress! I think it looks so cheap when items only have a detail on the front and it does not continue to the back. Although this piece was cheap, it does not look it!


This dress  is definitely my favorite purchase! I was worried that it would be see through but it is not and the details are gorgeous!


Embroidery Dress (similar)

Embroidery Romper 

Off the Shoulder Swim:

This swim suit was $9.60 and I got a size medium. Normally I would wear a medium top and a small bottom, but in this case, the medium bottom fit like a small and the medium top was way too big so I had to alter it down.

Off the Shoulder Swim (similar)Off the Shoulder Swim (similar)

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