What’s in my Beach Bag!


Obviously, you need a towel! I have a cute anchor one that I love!


I do not find my self wearing sun glasses on a daily basis, but they are a necessity for the beach! I have a pair of gold Ray Bans with blue lens that I love! It is also necessary that you use sun glass straps! I have several Lilly Pulitzer ones that I love!


I have super light blonde hair so if I do not wear a hat, I will burn my scalp where my hair parts! I normally always wear Vineyard Vines hats, but this year I also bought a large sun hat that says Eat Beach Sleep!


Beach Hat (similar)

Bathing Suit:

Obviously, if you are going to the beach or pool, you need a swimsuit! Believe is or not but I have several from Walmart that are better for those that are larger chested! I also have several Lilly Pulitzer ones I love and a few from Romwe and Hollister, which are pictured below!


One Piece

Off the Shoulder

Flip Flops:

I usually use rainbows for the beach because they are super comfy and casual and I do not really mind getting them wet!


I burn really easily, so sunscreen is a must for me! Even if you do not burn as easily, you should always use sunscreen to protect your skin!

Lilly Pulitzer Sun Guard:

When the sunscreen fails, the Lilly Pulitzer Sun Guard is a must! I have been wanting one of these since they came out with them last year and I just bought one for my trip! They are super cute and the perfect way to protect your skin!

Lilly Pulitzer Sun Guard

Water/Drink and Snack/Lunch:

I do not know if it is just me, but the beach always makes me so hungry and thirsty!


As much as we all love that the beach is relaxing, it can get pretty boring sometimes. It is great to have a book or at least headphone to listen to music with to keep yourself entertained!

Long Sleeve Tee/Sweatshirt:

This may seem like an odd item to bring to the beach, but it is a necessity if you are going out at night! I was just out the other evening and it was so windy and chilly! I love this Jadelynn Brooke tee for the beach and my Moscato and Monogram pullover for when I need a little more warmth! Use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off your purchase from the Etsy shop Moscato and Monograms!


*these links may be affiliated, meaning I may receive a small commission*


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