How I Spend a Vacation Day at the Beach + My ootd!

How my beach trips with my mom normally go is we spend nearly every day on the beach and the day it rains we go shopping!  Most of the time, the day goes like this: we spend the morning on the beach when it is not too hot, go in for lunch, then spend the rest of the day at the pool!

Sometimes we go out to dinner and some days we just cook! When my friends are at the beach too, we like to do things like go to the outlets or shops around the town in the evenings!

When I am with my friend’s family, we tend to be more lazy. We may make it out to the beach, we may not. Most likely we will just lounge around until we decide to go shopping or go to an event with her family and their family friends- which I am perfectly fine with!

If we do actually do something during the day, we like to do things like go to the outlets, the Christmas store, the zoos, the beach stores, and really just shop around anywhere!

So here’s what the beach looks like to me: sun and shopping!

Of course, I most likely spend the day in my bathing suit! This Jadelynn Brooke tee and these Lilly Pulitzer Shorts are perfect for a day at the beach! The Lilly shorts are actually called “beach shorts” and I was able to score them at TJ Maxx last year! Check out this post  for more tips and tricks on how to score Lilly at a great price: Prep for Less! They are a terry cloth and perfect for the beach or pool or really any casual activity!

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Shorts

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