How to Style a White Jean Skirt

The jean skirt trend is one that I have been loving for a while now and actually talked a lot about in this post: Questions and Answers!

When I first saw that jean skirts were coming back I loved the new styles I was seeing but was a little uncertain on how to incorporate these skirts into my wardrobe and successfully create outfits with them!

So many of you have been asking about jean skirts and what to wear them with, so today I am showing you all the ways to wear a white jean skirt! Hopefully you wt ill see that pairing them with tops really is not as difficult as it may seem and that they can be easily styled to fit multiple different wardrobes and styles! As always, everything is linked below!

With a Blouse:

This white and pink gingham off the shoulder blouse is the perfect way to style this jean skirt in a more girly and flirty way! for  tops like this that are not super tight, I recommend doing a front tuck and leaving the back out or another option is to tuck it all in then pull it out slightly! What I am saying is: let the flowy top be flowy. I do not think you should let it hang out because it is less flattering, but do not try to make the shirt skin tight when it is not!

White Skirt (similar)

Gingham Off the Shoulder (similar)

Steve Madden Elody Wedges

With a Scarf:

This Lilly scarf is a linen material that is perfect for the summertime and transitioning into fall! Another reason this scarf is great for summer and therefore can be worn with this summer style skirt is because of the way I am wearing the scarf! I have knotted the ends so I do not have to wrap the scarf around my neck and can just let it hang in this cute and fun way! The tube top I have paired with this look is tight enough to completely tuck it in!

Tube Top (similar)

With a Tee:

Another way you can style this skirt is with a tee to create a super casual look! In these photos, I am wearing my Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Tee that I clearly cannot get enough of! You can use my code OLIVIA98 to get 20% off on this shirt from Moscato and Monograms! I also plan on wearing this skirt with a college tee once I start school! I have completely tucked in the tee then slightly pulled it back out to make it the most flattering!

With a Long Sleeve Shirt:

Pairing this skirt with this black cold shoulder long sleeve is the perfect way to balance out the bright white and black to take this skirt slightly into the fall as we transition out of summer! This top is tighter, so it is perfect tucked all the way in! This look seems a little more sporty because I have paired it with sneakers but it is also just casual!

Cold Shoulder Top

Steve Madden Shoes

With a Bodysuit:

If you do not know what a bodysuit is, it is pretty much like a one piece swimsuit, but it is made out of fabric and worn as a top! These are perfect to pair with high waisted jean skirts because they are tight fitting and easy to pair under a skirt!

Bodysuit (similar)

With a Crop:

The jean skirts that are popular right now are mainly high waisted, so they pair perfectly with crop tops like this one from a Lilly Pulitzer Two Piece! Check out this post: All the Different Ways to Style a Lilly Pulitzer Two Piece  for all the ways I style this two piece!

Lilly Pulitzer Two Piece (similar)

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