My Experience: Freshman Orientation

What I brought:


You will be staying in a dorm so it is required that you bring sheets or a sleeping bag or else you will be sleeping on just a mattress!


My orientation was only one night so I did not take a shower but if you plan to you will need to bring all your toiletries, towels, and most important: SHOWER SHOES

Any Snacks you Want:

The way my food situation worked was that you got a meal ticket to the dining hall for lunch the day you arrived, dinner that night, and breakfast the next morning. Anytime you are hungry in between, you are responsible for buying food or bringing what you brought!

Supplies for Lectures:

My school provided backpacks with paper and pens, but yours may not! Backpacks are the most comfortable for walking around and you are going to want a paper and pen for all the important information you will hear!

Everyday Necessities:

Do not forget your charger, any medications, your daily makeup, pajamas, enough clothing for each day, and anything else you know you will need! Just always double check!

What you Do Not need to Bring:

Any expensive items you do not plan to have on you at all times such as jewelry or your laptop! Your dorm will have a lock, but you probably will not know your roommate during orientation and it is better ot be on the safe side!

What I wore the first day:

There was a little walking during the day so they recommended wearing tennis shoes and athletic style clothing, but I still wanted to dress up so I wore a sort of casual outfit that is still sort of dressed up! The first day I wore one of my favorite tops, this off the shoulder one! I paired it with jean shorts and lace up sandals that were not too bad to walk in! My shorts can be found here: Must Have Closet Staples- Spring/Summer 2017 and a similar version of my top is linked below and it is only $5!

Off the Shoulder top

What we did the First Day:

Mostly lectures, like all day! All about things like your major, finances, transportation (which is important if there are two campuses that you will have classes for your major on like me), meal plans, safety, respect, study abroad opportunities, career paths, and really everything you can imagine about college life! We also went to an information fair where we could pick up packets on multiple different student services and talk with representatives as well as score a bunch of college gear! We were also broken down into smaller groups and paired with a current student, our Orientation Leader, and given the opportunity to ask them questions that we may not feel comfortable asking in front of your entire college or the professors. Later that night we had free time in the gym and they had games and crafts set up to entertain us!

What I wore the second day:

Today we ended at lunch time and I knew I was going to be visiting the Lilly store so I wanted to wear Lilly for the occasion! I love this romper because it can be dressed up but also worn in a casual setting! Also, everyone thinks it is a dress! Below I have linked a Lilly romper that I think would be perfect for a casual event like orientation!

Lilly Pulitzer romper

What we did the second day:

A few more lectures, about things like technology and safety. The parents are given the opportunity to go to separate meetings and my mom went to one about sororities since I did not get to hear a presentation about that and only had a moment to speak with the representative. At the end of this day students that had not finalized their schedules with their academic advisers were given the opportunity to do so and the rest of us played games! After orientation I got to go to the Lilly store before heading home! Make sure to check back at the end of July to see what all I got in my July Haul!

What I Learned/Gained from Orientation:

Honestly, a lot of the information I already knew so what I learned is a little more personal to me!

I got to meet my future roommate in person! Unfortunately we did not get to stay together at orientation, but I am so glad I got to spend some time with her before move in day!

I want to be in a sorority, or at least rush! I have been back and forth on this for a while but while I was at orientation I realized that I am not the best at introducing myself to others and making friends and I feel like the rush experience would be a perfect way to break me out of my comfort zone and allow me to meet others and that being in a sorority would help me feel a part of a group and my campus community!

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