My Basic Fashion Rules

First off, I don’t have many rules because I believe anyone is allowed to dress any way they desire because it is a form of self expression and I am very open about many different styles, so these are just recommendations! And, these rules are more important when it comes to a professional setting!

1. Short Skirt=Short Heels, Long Skirt=Tall Heels:

It’s just class. The more leg you show, the less heel you wear and the less leg, the more heel. It is an important key to showing that you are a classy, professional woman.

2. Black and Navy should NEVER mix

They clash.

3. The “No White Pants After Labor Day” rule IS NOT a rule:

I’ve never understood this. Why does it matter what time of year it is? White pants can be worn year round, just like any other color! I will admit that some pieces look better in the summer/winter, but who says white pants have to be done away with on Labor Day!?

4. Bright colors CAN be worn in the winter:

I understand that prints involving flamingos and sunshine may not be the best decision for the winter, but who says I have to dress dark because winter is associated with death and coldness? What I am saying is, do not force summer pieces to go with the winter season by doing something crazy like paring a summer tank with a winter coat; but do not shy away from bright winter items! Who says I have to pack up my all Lilly for half the year!? I pay too much for my Lilly to be hidden away in a closet that long; especially since I have many pieces that work in the winter!:How to Style Lilly Pulitzer in the Winter

5. Leggings ARE Pants:

Leggings are not tights they are leggings and there is a difference. You do not have to wear tunics or dresses over leggings because they are pants. Not the kinds of pants you wear with crop tops, not the kind f pants you wear to interviews and in professional settings, but the kind of pants you wear with Bean Boots or in a casual setting like I have styled these Lilly Pulitzer Leggings below!

Lilly Pulitzer – Palma Tube Top Women’s Sleeveless • Lilly Pulitzer • $68

Hollister Smocked Ruffle Crop Tube Top • Hollister • $12.48

Lilly Pulitzer Girls Maia Legging • Lilly Pulitzer • $34

Lilly Pulitzer Kids – Maia Leggings Girl’s Casual Pants • Lilly Pulitzer • $34

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Cropped Legging • Lilly Pulitzer • $98

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Weekender Legging • Lilly Pulitzer • $98

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