How to Stay on Track when Shopping

Hey y’all! Today I am going to give my tips on how to stay on track when out shopping! Now I mean day trips to the mall or outlets, not going to Walmart for shampoo. Since I am a pro shopper, I know exactly how to stay on track!

Think of what you want before going:

I don’t mean pick out everything you want, although that would work, I mean have a ball park. As broad as “workout clothes” or as specific as “a white jean skirt with no buttons and slight fraying,” which was on my list when I went on my most recent shopping day with my friends. Then when shopping, mainly look for the items you already decided you want. If you have thought about the item for days before shopping, you are more likely to truly love it than if you just see it and splurge.

Think of what you already have:

For instance, the blue and white striped trend is literally everywhere right now. If you already have three blue and white striped pieces, you probably do not need another. But I guarantee you will see at least 10 blue and white striped pieces on your shopping trip and if you are a fan of the trend, you will love them all.

Decide what you really want:

In stores like Forever 21 that  have large quantities of product at cheap prices, it is easy to get a little carried away. Look at everything you have picked up and ask yourself, “If I had to give up one of these items, which would it be?” After deciding, put that item back.


This is the only way to know if you really like it and ensure that it fits. If you are just guessing your size and that you will like it on your body based on how it looks on the hanger, then you are setting yourself up to end up with an item that sits in your closet with the tags still attatched and never gets worn.

Think about the item:

To make sure you are getting the best items when shopping it is best to envision how and where you are going to wear the item before deciding to purchase it. If you can see yourself wearing the dress dressed up to weddings and on dates or dressed down for school, that dress is the better one to go with compared to the dress you could only wear on really special occasions. Same things with tops and bottoms. If you  cannot imagine styling it multiple ways, it may not be the best choice. If you love the products and just need inspiration, every Saturday I post blog posts about how to style a certain piece! I will link the ones I have already posted below and comment if you have any requests!

Set a budget:

Setting a budget is one of the easiest ways to stay on track when shopping. Do not think of this budget as a spending goal, but as a worse case scenario. It is never a good idea to start with a spending goal.

Today I am sharing this outfit because it is perfect for a day shopping! Jeans are perfect for shopping because when trying on clothes, they pair well with pretty much every top so you are not distracted by patterned shorts or the fact that you are standing in your underwear because you wore a dress. This top is also perfect because you can wear a regular bra and it is easy to take off and put back on. Jack rogers are the perfect shoes because they will not hurt your feet (if they are already broken in) My Jacks and jeans are linked here Must Have Closet Staples- Spring/Summer 2017, but tops similar to this one are linked below and three are under $50!

Lilly Pulitzer Lacy Tank Top • Lilly Pulitzer • $48
Lilly Pulitzer Gigi V Neck Tank Top • Lilly Pulitzer • $38
Lilly Pulitzer – Nya Tank Top Women’s Sleeveless • Lilly Pulitzer • $68
Lilly Pulitzer – Luxletic Anisa Tank Top Women’s Sleeveless • Lilly Pulitzer • $48

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