“Don’t Quit your Day Dream”

One of my favorite teachers always encouraged us to pursue what we love rather than what is practical because you will be more happy poor and following your passion than rich going to work hating your job every day. He taught use that if you are passionate about art, then pursue art! Even if your parents do not approve and want you to do something they believe is financially stable like become a doctor or lawyer, it is your future! If you have no desire to have a future in that career, do not do it. He taught us that the money will work itself out. The same thing with college- go to the school you’ve been dreaming about. Even if you think you cannot afford it, scholarships, loans, grants, financial aid- the money will work itself out. Listening to him talk about your future being something your excited for rather than it being solely about finding a financially stable career forever changed my view on following your dreams.

Since then, I have always believed that people should and encouraged people to do what they love. Seeing people talk about what they are passionate about and then finding out they are not pursing it is so disappointing to me. When I found the quote “Don’t Quit your Day Dream,” I thought “Exactly!” You know how when someone is not good at something people will sarcastically say, “Don’t quit your day job,” meaning that they should not pursue this talent or passion because they will not be successful and they should just continue to work at the job that provides a stable income. This saying discourages others from following their dreams and encourages them to settle. “Don’t quit your day dream” encourages you to follow your dreams rather than abandoning them because of fear, which is why it is my favorite quote at the moment.

I was so excited when I received this tee from Southern Girl Prep because of how much I love this quote. If you also love this and want to encourage others to follow their dreams, use my code ‘brightestofthebunch15off’ for 15% off your order from Southern Girl Prep!


I have chosen to share this outfit with you because blogging is my day dream. There are many bloggers out there that blogging is their full time job and they are able to make more than a stable income to live off of from it. I know that my blog may never reach this level, but I am never going to give up on it. Blogging is my way of influencing others through fashion, and I will not be giving that up. Keep checking back for a blog post soon all about why I blog!

This Eat Sleep Blog Repeat tee from Moscato and Monograms is definitely one of my favorite tees I own! if you are a blogger, you need this tee! Use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off! I have also linked my shorts and shoes for this outfit below, but they are also featured in this post: Must Have Closet Staples- Spring/Summer 2017!



Lilly Pulitzer – Buttercup Shorts Women’s Shorts • Lilly Pulitzer • $68
Lilly Pulitzer Vintage Dobby Buttercup Shorts • Lilly Pulitzer • $68
Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Scallop-Hem Shorts • Lilly Pulitzer • $68
Women’s Jack Rogers Cleo Sparkle Whipstitched Sandal • Jack Rogers • $90–139
Jack Rogers Cleo Sparkle & Leather Slides • Jack Rogers • $138



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