How To: Tie Dye Choker Tee

Hey y’all! This tie dye tee was on my Outfit of the Week post from last week: Outfit of the Week: May 22-26  and I received many compliments on it so I have decided to share how I made it! I have also linked similar tees below for anyone that does not want to make it!


1. Plain white tee

2. Tie Dye Kit

3. Rubber Bands

4. Newspaper

5. Zip Lock Bags


  1. Chose which pattern you want: You can choose from multiple different patterns (I found mine on Pinterest) and add as many colors as you desire! I chose to do a spider web like spiral and to make it off center and I decided to only use red. To do the pattern that I did, lay the shirt flat on the table, pick up from point you want the center to be, and then twist the shirt as though you are wringing it out like you would a rag!
  2. Add the Rubber Bands: ext you wrap rubber bands around so the shirt holds its pattern! I wanted many layers so I added multiple rubber bands to my tee!
  3. Tie Dye the Tee: Since I only used one color, I covered the tee in red and the white part came from the parts of the tee that were not exposed once the rubber bands and twisting steps had been done! If you wish to use more than one color, the best results come when you alternate colors!
  4. Wrap the tee in newspaper and place it in the bag. Leave it or 24 hours.
  5. Remove the tee from the bag. With the rubber bands still attached, rinse the tee under cold water and try to get out as much dye as possible
  6. Remove the rubber bands and rinse the tee under hot water. Again, try to get out as much of the die as possible
  7. Wash the tee in the washing machine BY ITSELF
  8. Dry in Drier
  9. Add the choker detail: to do this, put on the tee and mark where you want the center of the V to be. Then, take off the tee and draw two diagonal lines up to the collar of the shirt so it looks like you have drawn a triangle down from the collar. Then, begin cutting at the point of the V and follow the lines you have drawn. DO NOT CUT ACROSS THE COLLAR ON THE TEE! After you have cut on the lines, cut the triangle out by cutting from one end of the line you drew to the end of the other line you drew right below the collar of the tee without cutting the collar!

For those of you that are not crafty, here are some similar tee options you can purchase!

American Eagle Outfitters AE Choker T-Shirt • American Eagle Outfitters • $14.97
boohoo Jayne Choker Eagle Print Long Sleeve Top • Boohoo • $14
Choker V-Neck Tee • Dynamite • $12
boohoo Kylie Long Sleeve Choker Peplum • Boohoo • $12
boohoo Camilla Choker Flute Sleeve Ribbed Top • Boohoo • $12
FOREVER 21+ Choker Tee • Forever 21 • $10.90
FOREVER 21+ Raw-Cut Choker Neck Tee • Forever 21 • $10.90
LOVE Moschino Tie Dye Tee • Love Moschino • $66.91
Tinsey Tie-Dye Button-Back Tank Top, Big Girls (7-16) • $19.99
Body Glove Men’s Sound Waves Short Sleeve Tee 8130154 • Body Glove • $13.01–14.51
Tie-Die Regular-Fit Top • Generation Love • $58.99
Lucy Love I Die for Tie Dye Sweet Talker Tunic 8142361 • Lucy-Love • $38.95–50.95
Umgee USA Tie Die Tank • Umgee USA • $36
Style & Co Split-Sleeve Striped Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $19.99
Jack by BB Dakota Adelia Tie-Dye Plaid Top • BB Dakota • $17.99


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