My J. R. Crider’s Wishlist

I love all of the pieces I currently own from J. R. Crider’s and here are a few of them: 

One thing I love about J. R. Crider’s is that they also sell products from other brands and even have a boutique section! Here are the products I am currently loving on J. R. Crider’s site and wishing for! If you love these products as much as I do, you’re in luck! Use my code OLIVIAN10 for a discount and message/email me proof you did and I will send you some stickers and koozies! Everything is linked below the photo!

1. Patagonia Shorts- These are perfect for casual days or days spent on the lake or hiking! For me, I think these will be perfect for college classes next year! I have been wanting some of these shorts but the rarely ever go on sale on Patagonia’s site. I was so excited to see that J. R. Crider’s carries these because now I can use my code and get them for a price that is difficult to find anywhere else!

Patterned Baggies Shorts

Orange Patagonia Shorts

Barley Baggies Patagonia Shorts

Blue Baggie Shorts

Green Baggie Shorts
2. Lauren James shorts- I recently sold my navy and white shorts because they were too big so I’m in the market for a new pair! These Lauren James shorts look just like the Lilly Pulitzer, JCrew, and Vineyard Vines ones- but they’re cheaper and cost even less with my code!

White Lauren James Shorts

Navy Lauren James Shorts
3. Patagonia Leggings- I LOVE patterned leggings and was surprised to see that Patagonia has some at J.R. Crider’s! This marble patterned has been super popular this year and I think these leggings would also be perfect for an active day or a day of college classes!

Patagonia Leggings
4. Patagonia Vest- I have a brown Patagonia like this one and it is a stoke in my closet in the fall/winter! Like I said about the shorts, these rarely ever go on sale! Good thing I have a discount code for you to use at J.R. Crider’s!

Better Sweater Vest 
5. Patterned Patagonia vest- I LOVE this Patagonia vest! And, it’s already on sale + my discount code makes this deal unbeatable! If you’re inteeested you better hurry because there are limited sizes available!

Patterned Vest 
6. J. R. Crider’s Hats- I wear a hat every single day on the summer- to teach tennis, go on the lake, go to the pool, everywhere! This J. R. Crider’s hat is perfect because it’s a neutral and can match everything! If this one isn’t your style- check out their website because they have tons of different styles and brands!

J. R. Crider’s Hat
This bow hat is also super cute and it’s already on sale!!

Bow Hat
7. Ribbons and Rows Tees- I didn’t know of this brand before I was checking out J. R. Crider’s website and I’m so glad I discovered it! All of their tee designs are so cute, y’all should definitely check them out!

Cactus Tee

8. J. R. Crider’s tees- I actually already have three of J. R. Crider’s brand name tees 🙈 but I love this one! Bow ties or no ties all the way!!

Bow Tie or No Tie Tee
9. I love this high low gem sweater tank! It’s the perfect transition piece from spring to summer and summer to fall! Also, I bet it’s long enough for us short people to get away with wearing as a dress! It also comes in black!

Asymmetrical tank dress 
10. Blue and white stripes are super popular right now and I love this romper! Rompers are the best because all you have to do is throw it on and you’re ready to go! Also, they can easily be dressed up and down for any occasion! The best part about this romper- it has pockets!!

Striped Romper 
11. The off the should blue and white striped tops are so popular this spring/summer and you can get this top that’s great quality for a great price with my discount code!

Off the shoulder top 
12. I’ve been looking for a dress like this everywhere and I am so excited to have finally found it! The tie sleeves are the perfect touch to this dress!

Off the shoulder dress
13. I love how casual and adorable this dress is! Also, violet is a gorgeous color that you can’t find many places! Also, there’s an open back detail!

Open back tank dress
14. The tie sleeves on this cold should top give this simple, common piece have a special detail that makes it unique, but still a basic that’s easy to style!

Tie sleeve top
15. The choker trend and cold shoulder trend all put together! What more could you want?? And the florals are gorgeous!

Cold shoulder choker dress
16. I absolutely LOVE this dress! The variation of blue with the white stripes makes this dres more unique then the common blue and white striped dress you see everywhere these days (which I love). Also, the cold shoulder is so on trend and makes this dress super flirty and fun!

Blue and White cold shoulder dress
17. All of my white pants either have stains or are too big🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ I love these because they’re not just plain, but they aren’t super distressed! The slits on the thigh and knee are the perfect touch of detail without over doing it!

White pants
18. Stipes, blue and white, embroidery! It’s perfect! So on trend for this summer and at a great price with my discount code (OLIVIAN10)

Striped embroidered dress
19. Like I said, I love rompers! This one is super cute because of the off the shoulder detail with the belle sleeves and floral pattern! 

Off the shoulder floral romper
If you love these pieces as much as I do, use my code OLIVIAN10 for a discount and message/email me proof you did so I can send you stickers and other goodies!


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