30 Graduation Dresses under $100!

Hey y’all! For everyone that is still trying to find the perfect graduation dress like I was last week, I have picked 30 under $100 to try and help and everything is linked but if you see something you love, you need to hurry because there are limited sizes in everything! Also, I am revealing my graduation dress at the end of the post!

1. I am revealing my dress at the end of the post, but here’s a hint. It’s similar to the concept of this one! It’s linked below the photo is you wanna twin!

WORTHINGTON Worthington Sleeveless Shift Dress • $60

2. This dress looks very similar to something Vineyard Vines would carry for only a fraction of the cost!

Sleeveless Linen Shift Dress • $20

3. Blue and white striped have been on trend this season and this dress is he perfect blue and white striped piece!

Linen Sleeveless Shift Dress • $24

4. For the girls that are required to wear all white, I LOVE the pleats on this

Sleeveless Shift Dress • $29

5. Another one in all white but what I love about this dress is that it looks sooo similar to something Lilly Pulitzer would carry but once again, a fraction of the cost!

Embroidered Shift Dress • Laundry by Shelli Segal • $29.97

6. This one is very similar to the one above but the lace pattern is a little different!

Shiloh Lace Dress • $29.99

7. Seersucker is a class and once again, the lace detailing down the front gives this dress a preppy, Lilly Pulitzer vibe!

London Times Seersucker Halter Shift Dress • London Times • $39.99

8. Embroidery is another style that’s been super on trend this year and this dress also looks like something Vineyard Vines would sell but the pro e is unbeatable!

Style & Co Embroidered Shift Dress, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $47.99

9. This dress may not be for everyone, but I love daisies!

R & K Originals Sleeveless Shift Dress • $60

10. Here is a simple, white shift for the girls that have to wear white and want to keep it classic!

Sleeveless Embroidered Dress • $34.99

11. Lace overlay has also been super popular this year and this shift looks expensive when it’s really not!

JESSICA HOWARD Jessica Howard Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress • Jessica Howard • $72

12. This dress looks SO much like Lilly Pulitzer and I bet people would think it was! You can get the Lilly Look for 1/4 of the price!

JESSICA HOWARD Jessica Howard Sleeveless Shift Dress • Jessica Howard • $72

13. I love the bow detail on the shoulder of this dress and hurry if you want it! There are limited sizes still available!

Sleeveless Bow Detailed Dress • $39.99

14. To me, there’s nothing more classic and sophisticated than navy and white. In this dress, you can get both as well as a fun pattern!

Sleeveless Shift Dress • $39.99

15. Once again, this dress looks JUST LIKE Lilly Pulitzer! Everything is the same except the price!

Jessica Simpson Ottoman Shift Dress with Lace Detail • Jessica Simpson • $39.99

16. Here is another fun lace white dress that would be perfect for graduation!

SL Fashions Daisy Lace Shift Dress • $89

17. Here is yet another dress that looks like it could be from Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines!

Charter Club Petite Crochet-Trim Shift Dress, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $54.99

18. The cold shoulder trend is another that’s very popular this year! This dress is perfect because it has trendy details, but the collar and the fact that it’s white also makes it a classic!

Catherine Catherine Malandrino Cotton Cold-Shoulder Shirtdress • Catherine Malandrino • Sold Out

19. Once again, you can’t go wrong with lace and seersucker

London Times Seersucker Shift Dress • London Times • $49.96

20. Here’s another fun all white fit and flare dress! My favorite thing about this dress is the scallop detail at the bottom!

kensie Embroidered Scallop Dress KS4K7920 • Kensie • $49.99

21. This dress is IDENTICAL to Lilly Pulitzer’s Janice Shift Dress, with the exception that this once has short sleeves and is 1/4 of the cost!

Hatley Shift Dress • Hatley • $49.99

22. Here is another gorgeous white lace dress!

BB Dakota Wilona Dress • BB Dakota • $52.99

23. Scallops are always adorable and give the perfect detail to this white shift!

Maison Jules Scalloped Shift Dress, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules • $67.99

24. Here is another dress similar to mine!

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Floral Shift Dress CD6HAR8D • Calvin Klein • $54.99
25. I just recently discovered Modcloth and their stuff is adorable! I love how unique this shift is!

ModCloth At a Rosette Time Sequin Dress in Ivory in XS • $59.99

26. Like I said, I love pleats! This pink is a perfect fun pop of color if you’re allowed to wear color to graduation!

Adrianna Papell Flyaway Pleated Shift Dress • Adrianna Papell • $64.99
27. This polka dot eyelet lace is another classic style!

Eliza J Petite Sleeveless Dotted Shift Dress • Eliza J • $66

28. The embroidery and beading on this dress also make it look like something that would be from Vineyard Vines!

Vince Camuto Jacquard Sleeveless Shift Dress • Vince Camuto • $67.99

29. Here is another fun white dress that would be super easy to rewear and dress down after graduation!

Bishop + Young – Crochet High Neck Shift Women’s Dress • Bishop + Young • $70

30. This Rebecca Minkof dress is currently on sale for under $80! I love the lace v neck illusion that makes this classic shift a little more stylish!

Rebecca Minkoff Vallory Dress • Rebecca Minkoff • $74.40

And finally, here is my graduation dress! I was able to get it for under $100 on poshmark! 


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