Old is the New New

Throughout history, fashion trends have continued to reappear and repeat themselves. Traditional and practical articles of clothing are made into fashion statements and old styles are brought back and recreated in more modern, fashionable forms. Because of this, it is safe to say that old is the new new, at least in the fashion industry.

At this moment, many clothing trends from the 1970’s are becoming popular again. All the clothing stores and magazines are full of bohemian style clothes consisting of high-waisted shorts and pants, peasant tops, belle bottom pants and belle sleeves, and fringe, styles that were first popular in the 70’s. The most popular trend that is making a come back is suede fabric and lace up tops. Suede or leather clothing was worn thousands of years ago as a practical way to keep warm. Suede was later on considered to be a luxury item only worn by those having a high status because it is extremely fragile and stains easily and therefore is expensive. In the 1970’s, the hippie-western style popularized suede mainly through fringe jackets. Currently, nearly every clothing store is stocked with suede skirts, dresses, tops, and shoes. Lace up detailing on tops first debuted in the 1970’s on peasant tops and is now another trend found in nearly any store or clothing magazine. The lace up tops have returned in a more fashionable style with lower cuts and detailing on the holes.

Made In USA Lace Up Shark Bite Tunic • $12
Eclair Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Lace-Up Blouse Black • Sold Out
Slub-Knit Lace-Up Top for Women • Old Navy • $11–14
BCBGeneration Faux Suede Skirt • BCBGeneration • $48
FOREVER 21+ Buttoned Faux Suede Skirt • Forever 21 • $19.90
Neon Rose Faux Suede Skirt With Pocket • $19
The most popular accessories that are currently on trend again are circle frame sunglasses and chokers. Circle frame sunglasses were first worn by the hippie rockers of the 1970’s such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and John Lennon. Today, they have been seen on celebrities like Elton John and Kylie Jenner and can be found in trendy clothing stores such as Forever 21, Rue 21, and H&M. Chokers are historically known as a symbol of wealth and rebellion. They have been used in many cultures such as the Native American culture for purposes like neck protection for warriors as well as a form of dress for tribal ceremonies. During this time, they were commonly made of bone and leather. They later became popular in the 1880’s when Alexandra, Princess of Wales, wanted to cover a scar on her neck and again in the 1940’s when they were worn as a feminine symbol of power. These chokers were typically made of lace and diamonds. Chokers are most commonly associated with the 90’s, where they were prominently less glamorous and made of puka shells, spiked dog collars, and plastic. The choker trend has now reappeared and they are most commonly seen as leather ropes that tie around the neck and lay closer to the collar bone rather that on the throat itself. These trends have been recreated to be more modern and go along with the bohemian and grunge styles that are currently popular.

Fashion trends also reappear in the form of makeup and beauty. For example, winged or cat-eye eyeliner was first seen on Cleopatra and believed by the Egyptians to ward off the “evil eye.” Winged eye liner was once again popular during the roaring 20’s, on pin up models during WWII, in Hollywood in the 1950’s and has continued to evolve and be styled in many different ways. Another current trend that originated during another decade is matte lipstick. Lipstick itself has always been popular among women but matte lipstick is a current trend that tends to come and go. Matte lipstick was first popularized by silent movie heroines like Clara Bow in the 1920’s. Matte lipstick reappeared in the 90’s as a prevalent, long lasting lipstick that was associated with confident women. Now, matte lipsticks are a popular trend that can be found in nearly any color and have even been reinvented to be applied like a lip gloss and dry matte.

Fashion trends tend to come back and never truly die. Traditional and practical articles of clothing are transformed into fashion statements, which later reappear and are recreated to make modern version of the trends. In the fashion industry, old is the new new.


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