How to Style Lilly Pulitzer in the Winter


1. Lilly Pulitzer Leggings

In the first look I have paired my pink Vineyard Vines shep shirt and pink Hunter boots with these Lilly Pulitzer leggings for a fun and bright look!

p.s. I have kids hunter boots! They’re soo much cheaper and since I’m a size 6 and only 5″2′ a kids 5 fits better than adults! I feel that I kids 5 could fit up to a size 7!

In the second look, I have paired these Lilly Pulitzer leggings with a cream Ralph Lauren cable knit and JCrew army dream coat. Of course, I have paired my Kendra Scott necklace with both of these outfits, as always💁🏼

2. Lilly Pulitzer Scarves

In this look I have paired my Lilly Pulitzer scarf in shrimply chic with the cream Ralph Lauren cable knit, my Patagonia vest, jeans, and my LL Bean boots! I am also carrying my MarleyLilly tote!

I have found that the coral JCrew vest in this look matches sooo many of my Lilly Pulitzer pieces! I am also wearing the same basic pieces as in the first scarf look.

3. Lilly Pulitzer Popovers

In the first popover look I have paired this Lilly Pulitzer popover in Multi Palm Reader with my Patagonia vest and pink Hunter boots

In this look I am one again pairing this JCrew coral vest with my FanSea Lilly Pulitzer popover. I am also wearing my LL Bean boots with Hollister camp socks

4. Long Sleeve tops

In this first look I am laying this three quarter length Lilly Pulitzer top in In A Pinch (I think😂) with my JCrew army green jacket, LL Bean boots, and Hollister camp socks. My jewelry is again my Kendra Scott necklace, Kate Spade watch, and Lily and Laura bracelets

In this last look I am once again pairing this coral vest with this Lilly Pulitzer luxletic top in La Playa. I am wearing the same shoes and socks.


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